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Muni is an e-commerce platform that aims to revolutionize the e-commerce space in Latin America by leveraging our clients' community relationships to sell all kinds of products, with free next-day delivery and an absolute commitment to quality and confidence.

As part of our DevOps team, you'll be working on creating and maintaining all the necessary tools that sustain the DevOps culture in Muni, as well as improving and monitoring our Cloud infrastructure on AWS, while keeping a constant eye on costs.

Additionally, you will also find yourself working closely with the development team on the construction of new features and functionalities that aim to take our e-commerce platform one step ahead.

The main technologies we're currently working with are Terraform, Docker, Python, Github, Github Actions, and AWS (ECS - Fargate, ECR, RDS, Aurora, Batch, SNS, S3, Parameter Store, Cloudwatch, Lambda, Cloudfront).

Our Mantra: Automate as much as you can, and manual, non-code versioned configurations, are sacrilege.

As a Senior DevOps Engineer you MUST:

* Be Excellent in at least one programming language, ideally Python.

* Be Excellent in at least one infrastructure as code technology, ideally Terraform.

* Be Excellent in CI/CD practices and tools, ideally GitHub Actions.

* Be Excellent in Docker and containerized applications.

* Be Excellent in doing code reviews and using GIT as version control.

* Be Excellent with IaaS and PaaS cloud services. Ideally with those offered by AWS.

* Have at least 5 years of related professional experience.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS who want to shift into a DevOps Engineering role, but lack some of the requirements described above, are very welcome to apply.

The following skills are not required, but would be a plus:

* Software development experience.

* Be familiar with the writing of unit and integration tests.

* Be familiar with Object-Oriented Design Practices such as SOLID.


At last but not least, culture is an important aspect of who we are, and as part of our tech team, you'll take an oath to the following principles:

* Always help others.

* Leave it better than you found it.

* MVP mindset on Daily Basis.

* Take ownership of what you do. You break it, you fix it.

* Be transparent (we inform), be visible (we show).

* The "no assholes rule" is non-negotiable -