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Working from home has become increasingly common for many people. Yes, there are many benefits, such as not having to commute, working in pajamas, and having a little more leeway with personal time. You could, however, miss some of the sounds that make up the chorus of office life, such as the hum of the office lighting, the low chitchat of coworkers catching up, and the tap of a pen on the table during a meeting.
Fortunately, there is something you can do if you're finding it difficult to concentrate in your too-quiet (or congested and distracting) at-home office. Downloading remote work podcasts will help you fill the stillness, find inspiration, and recapture the energy of a productive, and creative setting. While not everyone can work with music, a TV show, or a podcast playing in the background, many people find that the extra background noise helps them focus and makes the time go by more quickly. Listening to podcasts about remote work is a terrific way to pass the time while being entertained, keeping up with the news, or learning something new, especially if you're working remotely on something particularly tedious or manual (like filling out a repeating spreadsheet).
You can choose the sound of your "office" by turning on a podcast; will it be something instructive, uplifting, or just plain? You have the choice. These great remote-working podcasts are perfect to listen to while working.

1. WorkLife with Adam Grant

This TED talk about the science of getting the most out of work is hosted by organizational psychologist Adam Grant.
To learn the secrets to a better work life, one must listen to each episode of the best remote work life podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant as it takes you inside the heads of some of the strangest professionals in the world. You'll meet a bunch of outcasts from Pixar who bucked convention and smashed barriers with The Incredibles, Olympians who support their opponents, and a server turned CEO who reveals the startling secrets to networking.
Adam also addresses the psychological issues that affect our productivity, such as loneliness, procrastination, burnout, and recovering from rejection. “We spend a quarter of our lives in our jobs. This show is about making all that time worth your time.”
Our top remote work podcast- “How Science Can Fix Remote Work”
You've surely seen the popular image of the CEO who was stranded in a Zoom conference like a potato. This episode's opening features an amusing interview with the well-known "potato boss" to emphasize the particular challenges of online collaboration (especially during a pandemic). He then invites more speakers to discuss the science of productive remote work.

2. IRL

IRL, a Mozilla podcast that investigates the interesting inner workings of the Internet and how our use of it impacts us, is not directly about remote work but is related to it. IRL addresses issues like cybersecurity, privacy, and online trolls with wit, humor, and geekery.
Our top remote work podcast- “All Your Data Are Belong to Us”
Sure, privacy is crucial, but do we really comprehend how much personal information we're disclosing online? In this episode, learn how one random person used Google to find out personal information about presenter Veronica Belmont, including her favorite alcoholic beverages, her brother's name, and every address she had ever lived in.

3. Black Tech Unplugged

Black Tech Unplugged was developed by Deena McKay. She felt alone in the tech industry because she is a black woman who frequently finds herself to be the "only one" in numerous situations. But as time went on, she got to know a tonne of brilliant black people in the IT industry who are making incredible things. The purpose of Black Tech Unplugged is to share the experiences of people of colour in technology. These tales have been written so that YOU, the listener, can learn about the struggles that others have faced to achieve their goals. She addresses issues including racial inequity and diversity initiatives.
Our top remote work podcast- “When Leaning In Goes Wrong: Yassmin Abdel-Magied Unplugged”
Learn how black women in IT deal with being "the only one" at work in this interview with writer, journalist, and social activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

4. The Remote Show

The Remote Show, one of the best podcasts about remote work produced by We Work Remotely, the self-described "world's largest remote work community," features interviews with CEOs, founders, and staff members of remote businesses to offer advice on how to maintain productivity and teamwork in an environment without an office.
It is a podcast in the interview format devoted to everything remote work. It talks about strategies, technologies, applications, management ideas, and much more to assist the modern remote worker in being more successful and content in both work and life.
Our top remote work podcast- “Joel Gascoigne, Co-Founder, and CEO of Buffer.”
Joel Gascoigne, the CEO, and co-founder of Buffer discusses the problems faced during the initial years of Buffer. As one of the earliest (and most transparent) small businesses with a completely remote and distributed crew, Buffer is well-known in the remote work world.
Joe gives you an inside look into the beginnings of Buffer, the reasons for their decision to operate entirely from home, and how they deal with the difficulties of working with people in different time zones.

5. Dear HBR

The editors and co-hosts of Harvard Business Review respond to listener inquiries about handling the challenges and disappointments of the contemporary workplace in the manner of traditional advice columns.
Our top remote work podcast- “Remote Feedback”
Marcus Buckingham, a researcher on employee performance, is featured in this episode from November 2020 to explain how to provide virtual feedback without causing a rift.

6. Women at Work

Women at Work is a podcast from the Harvard Business Review that addresses the unique difficulties that women have at work. These podcast hosts and HBR employees don't avoid difficult subjects, such as racial justice, maternity leave, and gender discrimination.
Our top remote work podcast- “Welcome Back to Remote Work, New Moms”
The hosts have a candid conversation with coworker and mother Erica about what it's like to go back to (remote) work after maternity leave. When it comes to women's engagement in the workforce, according to data, we've returned to levels from 1988. The epidemic has also made an already existing issue worse because mothers are now required to participate in Zoom calls while their kids are in the adjacent room.

7. How I Built This

NPR's How I Built This which is hosted by award-winning journalist Guy Raz, sits down with the founders of some of the most well-known companies in the world and analyses their success. Discover how Shake Shack began as a hot dog cart, how Virgin started out as a record shop, and how Lonely Planet came to be as a result of a journey from England to Australia overland. It's similar to taking the face off a clock to reveal all the moving parts. It contains interesting information, especially if you're creating a business empire.
Our top remote work podcast- “How I Built Resilience: John Zimmer of Lyft.”
Six months into the COVID-19 epidemic, in September 2020, this episode was recorded. John Zimmer, the creator of Lyft, candidly discusses the difficulties he encountered when implementing layoffs and setting safety measures for both drivers and passengers amid this widespread pandemic.

8. Digital Nomad Cafe

This episode is for you if you've ever wanted to establish an online business or find a remote position so you may travel the world. Adam Finan, the host, has been working remotely for Shopify Plus since 2017. He conducts interviews with other remote workers to get advice on topics including developing passive revenue streams, providing English language instruction online, and using LinkedIn to acquire clients.
Our top remote work movement podcast- “Shaping The Future Of Remote Work with Iwo Szapar”
CEO and co-founder of Remote-how, Iwo Szapar provides coaching and advice services to businesses of all sizes looking to implement remote work properly. He discusses how to establish an online profile, how to stand out while applying for remote jobs, and why a work-life blend is preferable to a work-life balance in this episode.

9. The Work From Home Show

TV hosts Adam Schroeder and Naresh Vissa, who both founded media companies, have been working from home for a while. You'll learn from them how to combine work and life while working from home in order to remain productive. They address issues including maintaining a good marriage, adjusting to life at home after working outside the home, and maintaining a healthy diet when working from home.
Our top remote work podcast- “How to Transition From Your Desk Office to Your Home Office”
This episode will give you support and helpful tips if you're still having trouble setting boundaries when working from home. The hosts discuss ways to deal with marital conflict, be totally present with your loved ones, and work from home even when there are young children present.

10. Building Remotely

Sondre Rasch, the host, is the CEO and co-founder of SafetyWing, an insurance provider company for nomads that was created by a group of distributed, remote nomads. To unravel the key factors that contribute to the success of remote work, he uses his knowledge to pose insightful questions to remote workers.
Our top remote work podcasts- “Cultivating and scaling culture remotely with Darcy Boles from TaxJar”
You still have a corporate culture even if your staff doesn't work in an office, and it matters. In this episode, Darcy Boles from TaxJar—which has been named one of America's Best Startup Employers by Forbes—examines the true meaning of culture and explains how to foster it even on a remote team. The best line from the entire show is- “Remote doesn’t kill culture—it reveals it very quickly.”

11. Building Remote Teams

Remote working podcasts are a huge help when you work remotely.  This podcast about remote work teaches you how to successfully implement a hybrid office model, how to be productive when working from home, and even how to use virtual reality to accomplish better remote work. It is a must-have resource for founders and managers of remote teams. Jevin, the host of the Building Remote Teams podcast, has been overseeing a 50-person remote team since 2010 and has a wealth of first-hand knowledge to share.
Our top podcasts on remote work- “Time tracking your remote team”
The lack of trust in employees' ability to work effectively from home is one of the largest obstacles for businesses that want or need to go remote. Liam Martin, the co-founder of the time-tracking program Time Doctor, debunks that notion in this episode.

12. Brave New Workforce

In June 2020, the project Brave New Workforce was introduced to provide professional guidance while we adapted to the "new normal" of remote work. It was born from the ashes of the pandemic. Trip O'Dell, Anna Codina, and Larry Cornett, the hosts, each have decades of Silicon Valley and Big Tech experience.
Our top podcasts on remote work- “Thinking Bigger: What’s Next For Brave New Workforce in 2021”
The hosts take a seat and discuss their expectations for the working world, particularly for the year 2021. They discuss current digital trends and remote work during the pandemic. They provide their sharp views with a touch of comedy on these things.

13. Make Money Blogging with Digital Nomad Wannabe

Everyone refers to experienced blogger Sharon Gourlay for advice on all things related to monetizing blogs because she has developed and sold numerous internet businesses. She delves into the specifics of what it takes to create, grow, and market blogs in this episode. She is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in working remotely by launching their own internet business because she is quite knowledgeable in the field.
Our top podcasts on remote work- “Why I Start Multiple Blogs (And You Should Too”
This is a wonderful episode to start with if you've been considering establishing a blog to make money. In particular, during a pandemic, Sharon discusses why starting and selling numerous blogs has provided a safety net. It's a brief but delightful podcast that's jam-packed with advice for new listeners.

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