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Most programmers are aware that collaboration is vital for the most outstanding results.
When you work in an office with other developers, it's simple to convince them to collaborate: just roll up to another desk, talk about problems, and code on the same screen. But the same code collaboration becomes difficult when you work in a remote team.
So what do you do if all other developers work remotely? Fortunately, several online code collaboration tools are available that are designed expressly for remote pair programming. These code collaboration tools will help you collaborate with your coworkers in the best possible way.
Tools for code collaboration can make you and your team more productive. Thanks to these technologies, you and your co-developers may share, edit, and review code more efficiently.
If you're interested in learning more about them, keep reading!

What is remote pair programming?

Remote pair programming is a collaborative coding technique in which two programmers work together on the same codebase while being physically separated and connected through technology. The idea is that one programmer writes code while the other reviews it, gives feedback, and suggests improvements in real-time. The two programmers can take turns writing and reviewing code, switching roles as they see fit.

Benefits of remote pair programming

1. Improved code quality

With online code collaboration, while working together with other developers, there is a greater chance that bugs and issues will be caught and fixed before they become more significant problems. This can result in higher-quality code and fewer bugs in the final product.

2. Increased productivity

Pair programming can help you and your co-developers stay focused and motivated, leading to increased productivity. Additionally, real-time feedback and code collaboration can help to solve problems more quickly and efficiently.

3. Better collaboration and communication

Remote pair programming requires good communication between you and other developers, which can help to improve collaboration and build stronger relationships within the team.

4. Enhanced learning and skill development

Pair programming is an excellent way for less experienced developers to learn from more experienced colleagues. Additionally, constant feedback and exchange of ideas can help all developers to improve their online code collaboration skills and knowledge.

5. Flexibility and remote work

With remote pair programming and online code collaboration tools, you can work from anywhere worldwide, offering greater flexibility and work-life balance.

The best online code collaboration tools

It might be challenging to determine which code collaboration tools are best for you because so many different types are available on the market. We are here to assist you!

1. CodePen

Because of its emphasis on fostering a developer community, CodePen's developers refer to the platform as a "social development environment."
In its simplest form, CodePen is an online code collaboration tool that enables programmers to enter code directly into their browsers. It works well with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is oriented mainly toward front-end developers.
The "Pen" in "CodePen" stands for Pens, which are text fields for creating code that provides three panels for the previously mentioned programming languages—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Additionally, there are projects that are bigger and more effective.


Annual Starter
Annual Developer
Annual Super
1 month
1 month
1 month
2-person Collab Mode, 10-person Professor Mode
6-person Collab Mode, 35-person Professor Mode
10-person Collab Mode, 100-person Professor Mode
If you have the PRO feature of CodePen, you also get pair programming features.
With it, numerous users can edit a Pen simultaneously.

2. CoScreen

Your second screen becomes your desktop, thanks to CoScreen. Any window you drag and drop to your extended screen shows up on the extended screens of your teammates, and vice versa. Every window is usable by everyone.
Easily share one or more windows while maintaining privacy and data security for the rest. You can work together with your co-developers on any project on CoScreen to complete it more quickly.
For technical teams, collaborative screen sharing and video conversation options are there. You can share and co-edit any window with a single click.
You and your teammates may control any shared app at a speed that is 2-3 times faster than Zoom.
You can also share screens simultaneously with just one click. You can also share any desktop or web application. Your coworkers can also do it - simultaneously and side by side.
It even allows you to call others with high-quality voice conversation and adaptable video layouts.


  1. Install CoScree
  1. Signup for free
  1. Join it
  1. Invite collaborators
  1. Communicate via audio and video call
  1. Share windows
  1. Collaborate on shared windows


3. CodeKeep

You can save and distribute text and code fragments with other users with Codekeep. Snippets can be labeled or sorted into folders for immediate reuse.
  • Fewer context switches
Find reusable snippets by switching between projects and saving them here for later use.
  • Organize your notes here
As you learn to write snippets that contain the summary, use CodeKeep.
  • Search for snippets
Find modular, reusable snippets with ease.
  • Reuse snippets
Use the CodeKeep add-on to import snippets for later use.
  • Fast snippet creation
To open the 'Add Snippet' window, click anywhere on the website and then choose 'Paste'.
  • Put everything in folders
If you found it beneficial, share your folder and save other users' folders.
  • Put labels on
Create labels for your code snippets and use them to organize and sort them.
  • Richly featured screenshot editor
Add layouts, backgrounds, and social media accounts with only one click.
  • Export and import protocol
Utilize our VSCode and Google Chrome Extensions to import and export snippets.
  • Find code examples
Find useful code snippets published on CodeKeep; dark mode is available!


1 month
Up to 40 Folders, Up to 20 Bookmarks
Unlimited Folders, Unlimited Bookmarks

4. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a sophisticated source code editor. It is an advanced text editor that can handle prose, markup, and code.
It is a code editor with a sleek user interface, outstanding features, and a large selection of plugins.
It has a number of features, including:
  • Quick access to project files, symbols, or lines with the Goto command
  • Command Palette, which allows for rapid keyboard execution of arbitrary commands, uses adaptive matching.
  • Making the same interactive changes to many chosen regions concurrently using simultaneous editing.
  • API for Python-based Plugins
  • Project-specific preferences
  • JSON settings files allow for a great deal of customization, including platform- and project-specific options.
  • Cross-platform and supportive plugins for cross-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux).
  • Compatible with numerous language grammars.


$99 USD
Starts $65/Seat (for first ten seats)
3 Years
1 Year
Sublime Merge for a total price of $168 USD
While Sublime Text is available for free download and evaluation, a license is required for continuing use.

5. CodeKickBot

CodeKickBot uses Slack reminders and notifications to speed up the assessment and merging of pull requests.
Personal notifications and reminders
To avoid being distracted by any activity that is unrelated to you, receive real-time notifications for review requests, reviews, remarks on pull requests, and more in a DM.
Obtain all active pull requests
To retrieve a list of open pull requests whenever you need to catch up on code reviews, use the Slack command /codekick pr.


1 month
For teams of all sizes, CodeKickBot provides straightforward, upfront pricing! There is a 14-day free trial available without requiring a credit card.

6. CodeStream

A helpful open-source online code collaboration tool for remote pair programming, CodeStream is free and straightforward.
In essence, CodeStream enhances pair programming capabilities in all IDEs, including JetBrains, VS Code, and Visual Studio.
The key is integration.
For instance, it interacts with Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, and applications like Jira, Asana, Trello, and many others for issue management. It also supports pull requests from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.
There are helpful features in CodeStream for asynchronous communication. You only need to highlight the relevant code to comment or ask a question.
Additionally, it offers an activity feed that updates users on debates.
CodeStream generates a knowledge base over time and saves all participant interactions, which is helpful for newbies or going over the work later.


CodeStream can be a free online code collaboration tool worth investigating due to its many integration options and several useful features.

7. CodeTogether

With its capabilities, the versatile online code collaboration tool CodeTogether must be able to handle the majority of your pair programming requirements.
It supports a wide range of IDEs, including VS Code, IntelliJ, and Eclipse-based ones.
That is incredibly practical because it frees up your developers' minds from compatibility concerns. Everyone is free to work in the setting of their choice.
Developers only need a link to enter to join a session from a browser; no downloads or installations are required.
It offers a helpful tool for pair programming called Teams, which allows you to start your team and have everyone join right away without having to transmit and receive URLs for each session.


Starts at $1750
1 month
1 month
1 month
1 year
3 guests in session
50 guests in session
50 guests in session
50 guests in session
All prices when billed annually.

8. Mockadillo

By utilizing an API mimicking service, Mockadillo enables you to have a live version of your API before writing a single line of code. You can accelerate development, deploy a backend in a matter of minutes, and provide yourself with the freedom to prototype and develop applications quickly.
Why not decouple during development since decoupling is essential in programming? As a result, there will be less conflict amongst teams at work, which will improve the working atmosphere. Utilize their cutting-edge condition resolution system to simulate your complete backend.


7 days
1 month
1 month
1 month
API Limit

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