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Best 100 words and adjectives to describe yourself


Rachita Jain


"How would you describe yourself" is the first thing candidates get asked in an interview. Describe yourself in one word is the question that intends to analyze a candidate's understanding of himself. Answering ‘How to describe yourself most appropriately is essential because to be a great employee, it is significant that you know yourself and what you bring to the table.

To answer ‘describe yourself in one word, you will need to be able to showcase your unique qualities that justify why you would be a good fit for the role. While a few adjectives could be used to describe you, remember to focus on those things that set you apart from other candidates. For example, if you're good at problem-solving, explain how that has helped you in the past and why it would be a valuable asset for the new job.

Use these words and phrases to help you prepare.

How would you describe yourself

1. Passionate

Enjoying your work is one thing but doing it with passion is another. The word passion attaches to itself other qualities like determination and dedication. With passion comes quality and positive outcomes in the work you do.

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"I'll describe myself as passionate as I am very dedicated towards my work, and I love what I do, which is why I generate positive outcomes. In my previous job, it was my passion due to which I acquired new skills that helped me perform better. Apart from digital marketing, I also learned Photoshop and Canva, and now I can also design graphics."

2. Goal-Oriented

A goal-oriented person is someone committed to achieving his goal. A goal-oriented person is a hard-working and punctual person.

"I am a hard-working and punctual person determined to achieve my goal. After achieving that goal, I set another benchmark to be spontaneous towards my success. By using this method, I have reached where I am today and intend to use it further to generate favorable outcomes."

3. Ambitious and result-driven

Ambitious along with result driven are two qualities that go hand in hand. Being ambitious without any positive results is a waste. An ambitious man works consistently to improve himself, which is how he improves himself.

"I am an ambitious and result-driven person. I consistently set goals for myself and work hard towards achieving them. I always look out for opportunities that can help me improve my skills, which is why in my last job, I was promoted two times in less than two years."

4. Leadership quality

Leadership qualities are those qualities that help a leader to lead his team in the right direction.

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"Leadership quality is something I developed when I was young. I was the captain of the cricket team in my college days. In my previous job, I was appointed as the head of the team. My best leadership quality is that I stay calm even in the most difficult circumstances and choose strategies that produce the best results."

5. Excellent communicator

Communication is an art, and an excellent communicator is someone who can communicate well. Rather than muddling up sentences, a superb communicator delivers the message in the manner it was intended to.

"Given an opportunity to describe myself, I would say I am an excellent communicator who delivers information in the right way. Weak communication or incorrect delivery of messages leads to disastrous impacts. I, however, can deliver them in the right way. This skill has helped me increase my sales by 40%, because of which I got awarded the employee of the month status."

6. Organized

An organized person keeps things in their intended place to attain his goals. This quality is essential in managing positions, directive roles, administrative positions, and other roles that require handling extensive data and multiple roles.

"I am highly organized, and I always take notes that help me to arrange my schedule. I organize my digital and physical space once every week to de-clutter it. With my extensive organization skills, I re-arranged the project data in a new format, which increased our efficiency by 30 percent."

7. Decisive

Someone decisive has the skill of rapid decision-making. Such individuals don't hold back from making decisions instantly.

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"When required, I keep the ability to make quick decisions, which is essential for a leader. Whenever I decide something, I always consider the larger picture that would maximize the company's profits."

8. Ethical

An ethical person is someone who has some moral beliefs regarding what is right and wrong. Work ethics is one of the most important qualities an employee must possess.

"I am an ethical person who firmly believes in work ethics. Because of my work ethic, I didn't leave my previous firm when it incurred losses. However, it has now doubled the profits of the losses it suffered. When I left that job, I was honored with the 'most trustworthy employee' title."

9. Open-minded

An open-minded individual keeps an open mind toward new ideas and opinions. They don't consider their decisions final; instead, they consider what others say.

"I am open to the ideas of other people. Rather than being stubborn, I open-mindedly hear what other people have to say and to be honest, it has always added to my advantage. For instance, in my last project, I was about to close the deal when my intern suggested me something. I liked the idea and implemented it, and as a result, we locked that deal with 5 percent more profits."

10. Self-motivated

A self-motivated person does not wait for external motivation to hit his morale. Instead, he has a strong intrinsic motivation that drives him to work harder towards his goals.

"I am a self-motivated individual who likes taking the initiative. I take leads and deliver projects as per the specifications. However, I always keep my management in the loop if anything requires a change. This quality has helped me significantly in meeting my deadlines."

11. Detail-oriented

Detail oriented is someone who has a keen eye for details. Such people notice even the minutest details in the content.

"I am detail-oriented and have a keen eye for details. My detail-orientated attribute once helped me to save my project from falling into someone else's hands."

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These were some of the ways of describing yourself, along with how to describe yourself examples. You can use these how to describe yourself examples if you are asked the same question in the interview. These words with examples will surely make a lasting impact on the interviewer.

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