Offices noises are driving people crazy! Guess what? They are driving remote work too!


Tanushi Jain


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Office noise hurts employee performance and is driving remote work. What are the most common sources of distraction for office workers? They include some of the most obvious offenders and complaints. Anyone who has ever worked in a corporate office (especially if they're in an open floor plan or cubicle farm, or near the ubiquitous water cooler) can relate to this. Some of these include employee chit-chat, commotion, and their phones disturbing the others.
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The 2019 Workplace Acoustics research commissioned by Interface, Inc. revealed that those who work in noisy offices suffer higher levels of stress and anxiety. Given how difficult it can be to perform amid a chaotic chorus of distractions, the implications are not surprising. It has unfavorable consequences for both companies and employees. Half of the employees surveyed stated that noise levels are a factor that influences their decision to take a job or leave it. Therefore, companies must carefully consider their approach to workplace noise levels and make it a critical part of their recruitment and retention strategy. A large number of employees now seek remote working arrangements as a way to avoid the noise of the workplace.
When employees seek to work from home or go remote in other ways, forward-thinking employers will approve these requests. This way, both organizations, and individuals benefit from workers' enhanced ability to think and develop in a less stressful environment.
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Various studies and surveys have shown that when working from home, people can be extremely productive. Employees and companies both save money too!
To summarise, remote work is a better option for productivity and cost savings. Because it is a more practical choice, more firms are transitioning to remote working daily.
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