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The world is transitioning to a virtual and online space in every sphere-from education, entertainment, banking, to even jobs. Due to the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, which still looms over everyone as a deadly sword, there has been a paradigm shift in the corporate work culture. Leading companies all over the globe are slowly tweaking their working processes and coming to a more hybrid format of work that includes both work from home and at-office work. There are an ample number of remote jobs available in many fields for which the applications are increasing with each passing day. One such promising and upcoming sector is the software industry.
Today, many companies are offering full-time remote junior developer jobs. These jobs are convenient as well as paying. Read on to learn more about the what’s and why’s of getting a remote junior developers job.
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Educational qualifications

A junior software developer is an entry-level job that helps the development team in all the aspects of software design and coding. The primary roles are to write basic code, learn the codebase, fix bugs, and help the development manager with all projects related to design.
A junior developer needs to have particular basic educational qualifications and some additional skills too. These include:
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Knowledge of primary coding languages such as HTML5, JavaScript, and C++
  • Knowledge about IDEs, version-control systems, and services, like GitHub or GitLab, is also required
  • Skills in SQL and robust understanding of databases
  • Entry-level programming experience
  • Knowledge of various databases and operating systems
  • Proper working knowledge of Microsoft Office software and different email systems
Besides these educational qualifications, you are also required to possess certain soft skills to become a good developer. They include:
  • Interest and keenness to learn new software and technologies
  • Capability to follow instructions
  • Ability to work with different types of people
  • Attention to every detail

Responsibilities of a remote developer

A junior developer’s job is very important in a software and design company. He is the fulcrum for coding and development programs. As a remote developer in a company, you will need to shoulder these responsibilities:
  • Being a part of development meetings
  • Learning the codebase and enhancing coding skills
  • Writing and maintaining code
  • Helping the development manager with all aspects of software design and coding
  • Fixing minor bug fixes
  • Looking into the technical performance of internal systems
  • Collecting feedback from consumers about program functionality
  • Assisting in writing reports
  • Performing development tests
  • Analyzing the project’s technical requirements

The job market for the position

The global market for a remote junior developer role is thriving, with an increasing number of companies looking for remote workers due to the pandemic and the savings on administrative and logistical costs. Companies are offering competitive salaries and associated perks too.
Companies prefer to have more talented junior developers as they are eager to learn, can be molded into the company’s work culture, and, with the correct treatment, will develop brand loyalty—a much-needed trait. Thus, the market for remote junior developers is huge, which has employers seeking dedicated and qualified personnel.

Where to look for remote developer jobs

Owing to technology and the internet, the world has shrunk to a small gadget in your hands. All the information is easily accessible and available through the internet. Also, slowly and steadily, platforms like AllRemote have started working as mediators between job seekers and employers.
They have a plethora of options for all types of jobs with specific requirements. They take you through the entire process of applying for a job up to deciding on the benefits and payment. They fulfill all the tasks of hiring and onboarding as well as create locally compliant contracts. It is wise to link up with such agencies to have a seamless process of getting a job.
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Benefits of remote developer job

A remote junior developer’s task involves groundwork and also a great amount of responsibility. You are the right-hand man of a developer manager. Hence, the need to be adept at the basics of coding and development. As an entry-level specialist, you enjoy many perks and privileges too. Here is why you should apply for a remote developer’s job

Financial Compensation

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Money is one of the primary motivators for anybody seeking a job. As a remote junior developer, you can enjoy a good salary. As per Glassdoor’s online job boards, in the United States, a junior developer can get about $63,502 annually. Yet, this salary could change as per the country in which you get a job. The highest salary for this position is $70,466 annually in Australia.

Practical Experience

Getting practical experience under a mentor is one of the significant advantages of a junior developer’s job. You can get familiar with a wide array of working processes and technologies and gain the required experience. This is critical for your growth in this industry. As a junior developer, you can get experience in a wide range of processes, technologies, and tasks. Thus, ensure that you find out about the tasks that need to be carried out in this position before signing the dotted line. Find out if the tasks at hand will enhance your career prospects.

Enhanced Productivity

A remote junior developer’s job allows you to work from the comfort of your home. Working in a relaxed environment without the need to travel enhances productivity. Thus, many people prefer to take up a work-from-home junior developer role.
A junior developer is a beginner focusing on learning and gaining experience. However, many companies have serious requirements for this position too. This, in turn, gives you a lot of exposure and experience. In today’s world, there is a constant requirement for a junior developer, and with the world going virtual, remote junior developers’ jobs are increasing manifold. Ensure that you have the requisite educational qualifications and prepare yourself well before applying for the job. You will watch the world open up for you right at your doorstep.

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