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The ease with which we may operate from any location in the world may be the most important lesson the last two years have taught us. Maybe we already knew this, and the pandemic was just a push to realization. One thing is for sure, though more individuals than ever before have access to remote employment, which in many situations entails working from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection. Many nations have introduced a variety of Digital Nomad Visas to make it easier for remote employees to work remotely there.

What is a digital nomad visa?

Many nations have recently introduced the "Digital Nomad Visa," which enables people to live and work in their country for a predetermined amount of time. Typically, the criterion is that you are self-employed, have a business that you can run from anywhere in the world, or work for an employer or firm outside of your home country.
In most situations, digital nomad visas are short-term and do not provide a road to citizenship. However, there may be a chance to obtain a residence permit in specific circumstances, depending on the country's regulations.

Difference between tourist and digital nomad visa

Digital nomad visa
Tourist visa
Created for work purposes
Created for tourists
Designed for relatively longer stays
Designed for very short stays
Processing time
The processing time may be months
Typically, processing takes two weeks
Number of days
Issued for a period exceeding 90 days
Commonly suitable for 30 days
It enables you to visit and work in the nation
It allows you to travel within the nation
For you to obtain a visa, you must be employed
You do not need to have a job

Digital nomad visa validity

The duration of a digital nomad visa is one to two years. If you match the requirements, certain nations can let you extend your digital nomad visa for up to five years.

How much does a Digital Nomad Visa cost?

A visa for a digital nomad might cost between $200 and $2,000. With family applications costing up to $3,000, several Caribbean nations, including Barbados, Antigua, and Barbuda, have the highest visa application prices for digital nomads.
Several nations—like Georgia—do not charge for digital nomad visas to draw in more applications.

How do you get a digital nomad visa?

1. Eligibility criteria

Programs for digital nomads are currently spreading over the globe. The following are a few examples of general requirements for this sort of visa:
  • You should be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • You have to make a particular minimal monthly income. Depending on the nation you select, there may be different minimum income requirements.
  • You should be able to work from anywhere in the world.
  • You shouldn't have any criminal records in your name.
  • People with a stable source of income and good background are always preferred.

2. Digital nomad: application process

According to different countries, the specifications and particular methods could be different. The application procedure will most likely go in the order shown below. Remember that it is vital to check the specific process of the foreign nation you are interested in.
  1. Fill the application
  1. Scheduled appointment with the embassy
  1. Be ready with your documents
  1. Submit your application

3. Digital nomad visa: Documents required

You will probably need to produce the following documents for this visa, though it will depend on the nation.
  • Application for a Visa for a Digital Nomad
  • Current and valid passport
  • Identification photos
  • A record of your revenue (source of income, amount, etc.)
  • Proof of remote work (clients, business license, work contract, etc.)
  • Civil paperwork (birth certificate, qualifications, etc.)

4. Document guidelines

  • Six months passport validity at the time of the application.
  • Your identification photo must be unaltered, have a plain white background, and show a neutral expression.
  • Your civil documents must be validated with an apostille stamp and translated, if necessary, per the country.
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Countries that offer digital nomad visa

1. Cyprus

Cyprus is the most recent country offering digital nomad visa, allowing up to 100 non-EU citizens to live and work there beginning in January 2022.
Conditions for digital nomad visa
  • Candidates may be self-employed or independent contractors.
  • The option to renew a permit for a further two years is available after the initial year.
  • Couples and kids of those with digital nomad visas are permitted to reside in Cyprus so long as they do not work for pay.
  • A minimum monthly income of 3,500 euros is required for digital nomad visa candidates, plus 20% for spouses and 15% for each minor child.
  • A police clearance certificate from the country of residence is required.
  • There will only be 100 applications accepted (for now).
A digital nomad must stay in Cyprus for 60 days a year to qualify as a tax resident. It allows for ten months of travel while still enjoying tax advantages.

2. Colombia

A new visa specifically for digital nomads was recently created by this Caribbean paradise's new immigration law. The deadline for implementation was October 22, 2022.
Conditions for digital nomad visa
  • Individuals intending to launch a digital technology company in Colombia can apply for a visa.
  • A digital nomad visa holder is not permitted to work for an employer or in paid employment in Colombia.
  • Bank records must attest to the applicant's monthly income, which must equal three minimum legal salaries ($685 as of July 29, 2022).
  • The candidate must submit a letter in either Spanish or English from one or more foreign companies.
  • During the anticipated stay in the country, the applicant must show proof of health insurance that covers accidents, illness, maternity, disability, hospitalization, death, and repatriation.
  • A minimum of six months must elapse after the application date for the applicant's passport to be valid. The passport's current minimum validity duration is indefinite.

3. Iceland

Another country offering digital nomad visas is Iceland. Its validity is for six months, but it's valid for ninety days if you apply for it while in the Schengen region.
In addition, it is one of the priciest places to live. Moreover, to apply; you must show proof of a highly adequate monthly income. This indicates that not everyone can make use of it.
Conditions for digital nomad visa
  • You are from a nation outside of the EEA, EFTA, or the EU.
  • You haven't received a long-term visa from the government in the previous 12 months.
  • You will only use it from Iceland to perform remote work.
  • You don't intend to stay in Iceland permanently.

4. Latvia

The Latvian government introduced a digital nomad visa that permits foreign citizens who are self-employed and work outside of Latvia to work from Latvia for up to a year with the option of an additional year without local sponsorship.
The only foreign nationals who may apply for the visa are those employed by a firm registered in a member state of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) or who are self-employed for such a company.
Conditions for digital nomad visa
  • Valid passport.
  • You must be a resident of an OECD nation, such as the United States, Israel, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Turkey, and others.
  • Candidates must provide contracts of employment or other official records from the same firm to demonstrate that they should be working remotely for at least six months.
  • You should have health insurance for the term of your visa, and you must provide bank documents to demonstrate that you make a minimum monthly income of €2,857.50.

5. Montenegro

Jan de Jong, the head of the Croatian Digital Nomad Association, made this assertion.
He made it clear that Montenegro's income tax does not apply to Digital Nomads during this time and that they are now qualified to apply for a permit that is good for two years and may be prolonged by an additional two years.
The Montenegrin government will implement a program to receive visa requests by 2025. The effort will start this year and become fully operational in the following years.

6. Georgia

You can now apply to Remotely From Georgia, a program that enables you to live and work from gorgeous Georgia for up to a year as digital nomads, remote workers, and business people who work remotely from 95 countries, such as the United States, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, are now welcome to do so.
Conditions for digital nomad visa
  • You must have a bank statement that shows you have at least $24,000 or make $2,000 each month.
  • Georgia's Individual Entrepreneur Scheme only levies a 1% tax on business revenue up to roughly $155,000.
Details about Remotely from Georgia
  • Free application
  • Decision - processing takes ten working days

7. Bahamas

A one-year residency permit called the Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay enables digital nomads, independent contractors, remote employees, and students to work from any of The Bahamas' 16 magnificent, tax-free islands.
Application fee:
Each applicant must pay USD 1,025, including the application fee and the permission charge.
Individuals who apply:
  • 25 USD for each applicant.
  • Permit cost: USS $1,000.
Those with Families:
  • The application fee is USD 25 per applicant and $25 for each dependent.
  • 1,000 USD for each application and 500 USD for each dependent is the permit fee.
  • Income must be supported by a letter from your current job or evidence of self-employment.

8. Malta

This little island nation, a country with digital nomad visas, has created a new residency program for remote workers and digital nomads who wish to live beside the Mediterranean Sea.
With the option of obtaining a one-year "Nomad Residence Permit," the project offers a six-month visa program.
Candidates must own an international business, operate remotely for an international clientele, or be independent contractors.
Conditions for digital nomad visa
  • Pass a routine background investigation.
  • Obtain health coverage.
  • Own a current passport.
  • Demonstrate a monthly income of at least EUR 2,700.
  • Buy or rent a home.
  • Your reasons for relocating to the nation should be stated in detail in your letter of intent.

9. Bermuda

Bermuda has introduced a new digital nomad visa scheme called "Work From Bermuda."
By offering a beautiful and stress-free atmosphere, this program hopes to draw "executives and students to work and study remotely from the island."
The nation claims to be prepared to welcome these workers given the availability of numerous co-working spaces, electric car rentals for trips, and other locations that will let candidates enjoy life and work on this lovely island for up to a year.
The fact that there is no minimum salary restriction for this deal is its strongest feature.
Conditions for digital nomad visa
  • You run a remote-access firm or,
  • You perform remote work for a corporation with headquarters outside of Bermuda.
  • Provide evidence of travel insurance.
  • Provide the necessary documentation and the $263 visa cost.

10. Croatia

This Croatian visa for digital nomads is already a reality. The nation now provides visas for digital nomads for a maximum of 12 months with no extension. You must be a national of a third country and work for an organization based outside of Croatia.
You must:
  • Complete the form.
  • Send a copy of your passport.
  • Get Croatia-friendly health insurance.
  • Show that a foreign employer knows you work on communication technologies.
  • Keeping a bank balance of at least HRK 28,800 ($4,544.81).
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11. Czech Republic

With the new freelancer visa known as the Zivno, spend your weekends visiting the historic towns and mountains of Prague, one of the greatest cities for digital nomads.
This one-year visa for digital nomads allows for the potential of one renewal while allowing for residence and employment inside the nation. The problem is that while it's not impossible, getting this one is a little trickier.
  • For one of the mentioned trades, you must have a trade license.
  • You must provide evidence of housing for at least a year to be eligible.
  • Provide evidence that each person has at least €5,587 in their bank account and that they are paying roughly US $80 (local taxes) per month.

12. Costa Rica

Costa Rica, countries with digital nomad visas, has earned the title "Switzerland of Latin America" over the past ten years. A stable, democratic nation with significant investments in social programs and natural resources, as well as a tax structure that favors foreign residents.
This wonderful nation is now providing remote workers and digital nomads with a new form of resident permit. To be eligible, applicants must provide documentation of a non-local monthly salary, fixed income, or average monthly income for the previous year totaling at least $3,000 per individual and $4,000 per family.
Conditions for digital nomad visa
The minimum monthly income for applicants is US $3,000, or they must deposit $60,000 in a Costa Rican bank.
  • You can register on their official website on your own or with the help of an immigration attorney who is familiar with the Costa Rican system.
  • All of your paperwork should be translated into Spanish and legalized there.
  • Get a health insurance plan that will protect you while you are visiting Costa Rica.
  • Pay the one-time visa fee.

13. Germany

This visa is ideal for digital nomads! Up to three additional years may be added to the "Freiberufler."
How to prepare
  • The local tax authority must classify your freelancing work as "liberal" rather than a commercial profession to award you this visa.
  • The German government will require you to pay taxes.
  • The Aufenthaltserlaubnis für selbständige Tätigkeit is a different type of unique freelancing visa that is available in Germany. This one permits self-employed individuals and digital nomads to reside in the nation for a period of six months to three years.
  • In Germany, you must obtain a local address.
  • Provide evidence of health insurance.
  • Proof of your ability to support your finances.
  • Working with German clientele makes this one challenging. You must demonstrate to the government that you are boosting the regional economy.
  • Pay the visa fee of €100.

More countries offering digital nomad visas

Antigua and Barbuda
North Macedonia
Cayman Islands
Cabo Verde
Czech Republic
Saint Lucia
South Africa
Sri Lanka
There is currently no Digital Nomad Visa available in the USA. The USA is not a digital nomad visa country.
You may still be able to live and work as a freelancer in the USA, though, as there are numerous additional visa categories and residence permits available to foreign nationals.

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