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Remote working is not a brand-new idea anymore. Many workers favor remote work due to its many recently discovered advantages. 90% of remote employees want to work remotely throughout their lives. There are many reasons to work from home, including not having to travel to work every day.
Working from home or remote work is the future of work. After Covid, many workers turned to work-from-home setups as remote work offers them the possibility of working from any location. The American Opportunity Survey reflects that around 92 million workers get offered flexible jobs. Around 80 million get engaged in flexible work schedules.
Those who still resist remote work are unaware of its advantages. The PwC’s India Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022 clearly states that 81% of workers in India feel that their jobs can be done remotely. Based on these reports, we have listed some great reasons to work from home.

Top reasons to work from home

1. Time efficiency

Earlier unknown to most of the world, the popularity of remote work setup is increasing day after day due to its significant number of advantages, including time efficiency. Remote jobs help you save time. For instance:
  • You get spared the time you waste commuting from one place to another when you work from home.
  • The exact time that you waste during lunch breaks, in working from home, you can utilize in working.
  • Remote work offers you more flexibility and freedom in your schedules while giving you more time to spend on things apart from work.
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2. Wallet-friendly

One of the primary reasons to work from home is that remote work helps you cut your costs to half.
  • You save on the traveling cost.
  • The annual expenditure you used to make on buying new clothes gets reduced significantly. Your formals wear out slowly when you don’t wear them regularly.
Hence, working from home saves you money and undue expenditure.

3. Decrease in work-life conflicts

When you work on-site, you often face the dilemma of choosing between work or family. And no matter what you choose, you end up losing something in the end. Moreover, when you are a part of a particular project, you have to work hard to meet the deadline, giving your family even less time. But this doesn’t happen as frequently when you work from home which is why the decrease in work-life conflicts is one of the reasons to work from home.

4. Boost in productivity

Stress is a massive hurdle to great productivity, and working from home can be a great way to reduce stress. Boost in productivity is one of the primary reasons to work from home.
  • Remote workers have a better work-life balance as they work from home.

5. Higher sense of autonomy

The most voted reason among the reasons to work from home is the higher autonomy that it offers. Remote workers have complete freedom to choose how and where they want to work. People working from home have higher control over their workspace. They frame their schedules as per their convenience. The Jabra Hybrid Ways of Working 2022 global report shows that employees with greater autonomy are happier and produce better results.

6. Improved health and fitness

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Remote work surely leads to improved health and fitness as:
  • Lack of stress leads to happier employees. Reduction in stress levels automatically reduces mental excursion.
  • Remote workers tend to indulge in more fitness activities with a better work-life balance.
  • The tiresome in-office regime is replaced by a healthy lifestyle.
  • More coffee at work is substituted by salad and healthy food at home.
Therefore, the most compelling reasons to work from home include improving health and fitness.

7. Flexible schedule

Remote workers have a more flexible schedule than those who work within the four walls of an office. People who work from home can plan their schedules on a priority basis. They can pick up their children from school when required and then return to work. Remote workers can work at their convenience as the office clock does not bind them. Such people tend to become more creative and better time managers. Hence flexible schedule is one of the most significant reasons to work from home.

8. More comfort

Working from home offers you greater flexibility and comfort. You are more comfortable and happy when you work from your home. Moreover, you can also work while traveling. Work from home offers you:
  • The opportunity to work from your couch.
  • To work wearing the most comfortable clothes that you have in your closet.
  • Not having to be looked upon all the time.
  • Say no to the unnecessary hustle of commuting every day.
  • More comfortable ambiance.
  • Less stressful environments.
Thus, remote work provides you with better comfort as you get independence and autonomy in your work.

9. You choose where to work from

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Remote work offers you the freedom to choose where you want to work from. You can work from anywhere and from any corner of the world. In fact, ‘work from mountains’ is a new concept that emerged from work from home work setup. With remote work, you can also work while on vacation with your family. Hence, the most significant reason from reasons to work from home is the independence it offers employees.

10. Reduced carbon footprint

Working from home or remote work allows you to reduce your carbon footprint to a great length. You reduce your carbon footprint by:
  1. Reducing traveling, which thereby leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.
  1. Decreasing the heating and cooling from ACs as per your comfort.
  1. Reduction in lighting usage.
  1. Lesser use of paper.
  1. Considerable decrease in the use of disposable items.

11. Creative control over your workspace

Do you want to build your workspace as per your taste, but your office doesn’t allow you to? Need not worry! Subscribe to work from home and customize your workspace according to your preferences. You get total creative autonomy when you work from home to build your workspace according to your comfort. You can plan, customize and design everything as you want them to.

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