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The Job:

We are seeking a talented and experienced content writer with expertise in SEO, AI tools, and social media posting, to work full-time with the awesome team here at AgentFire.com

If you’re a content writer who scoffs at AI, this job is probably not for you.

If you’re a content writer who embraces AI, and sees it as a powerful tool that can dramatically augment the quality and volume of your articles, then maybe this job is for you!

As the Chief AI Content Creator at AgentFire, you will be responsible for producing long-form content using contentatscale.ai or a similar tool, using a similar process to the ‘Content Flow’ that we’ve outlined below.

Our goal isn’t to create a generic AI content farm, but rather to leverage the power of AI to create some of the best and most unique real estate content in the industry.

Below is ‘roughly’ the content flow that we think makes the most sense, and will allow you to create ultra high value long-form articles every 1-2 days:

Our Suggested Content Flow:

1. Identify the best SEO article opportunities using a leading SEO marketing tool (i.e. SEMRush, SurferSEO etc)

2. Use contentatscale.ai (or a similar tool) to turn those opportunities into long form (2000-3000+ word) articles. These will be the ‘foundations’ of each article.

3. Once the initial article is *created* (which is as simple as telling the AI tool what to write), the next step will be to give it a significant ‘polish’, taking great care to add in your unique voice and personality.

4. From there, we’ll want to add unique images, which will include stock images + custom made images that you will assign to our team of graphic designers (they’re extremely talented and can even create high-level infographics!)

5. (optional) Then, to make these articles even MORE unique, you want to add in relevant links and citations (to add more value to the article).

6. (optional) Source quotes from top real estate professionals (ideally from those who either specialize or have created similar content to what our article, which we’ll offer backlinks in exchange for)

7. (optional) Find and include actual live examples of whatever is being talked about in the article, and add those to the article

8. Help us work out a system to be able to share these articles to our primary social media platforms and encourage interactions / discussion with our client base

What was described above is *roughly* what we’re thinking the flow will look like.

AI content creation is still relatively new, and we expect to gather your insights and work with you to fine-tune whatever system helps us to best achieve our stated goals (create the best, most unique real estate content in our industry!).

Hourly Wage:

$20-$35+ per hour, commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Working Hours:

We expect a standard 40 hour work week, although you’re free to work as many more hours as you’d like!


This is a 100% remote position, and while we welcome applications from anywhere in the world, we do expect your working hours to have at least 3-4 hours of overlap with standard USA time-zones so that we’re able to communicate without big delays.

Experience Requirements:

- 3+ years proven experience as a content writer, preferably in the realm of SEO-driven content creation.

- Proficient with leading SEO tools (e.g. SEMRush, SurferSEO)

- Proficient in Google Analytics

- Proficient in using AI to assist/augment in the creation of high-quality articles.

- Strong writing and editing skills, with the ability to maintain a consistent brand voice.

- Excellent research skills to find relevant quotes, examples, and supporting materials.

- Attention to detail and ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.

- Knowledge of social media platforms and strategies for maximizing content reach and engagement.

- Experience in the real estate industry (preferred but not required).

If you think you possess all of these qualities, then we’d love to hear from you!!

To Apply:

If you think you’re a good fit, then please fill out our application here: https://form.typeform.com/to/K5f29u7N