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Management and Finance

Job Details

Aira is a technology rich start up company with a noble mission, passionate customers and challenging technical problems. You will have a major impact on our success as a member of our dedicated team.

Aira connects people in real time via real-time streaming to accomplish tasks on demand 24/7 and worldwide. Our target consumers today are blind or have low vision. We partner with remote, trained, professional agents dedicated to further enhancing every experience. At Aira, you have the opportunity to work with a disruptive technology, meaningfully contribute to company growth and positively impact the lives of others.

To help us continue our growth, we’re seeking an experienced Director of Operations to join our highly skilled team. As an ideal candidate, you have strong operational and analytical skills, along with business acumen to bring together data, and problem solving experience in a highly dynamic setting. Your organizational, communication, and leadership skills are second to none and you enjoy developing solutions that push innovative boundaries. You’ll work closely with executives to strategize and develop long-term plans that usher in new levels of productivity and success at Aira.

Aira develops their own software and tools to create a platform that controls all operational aspects of managing a workforce of Aira Agents who work from home. The platform covers the full lifecycle of Agents from screening, hiring, training, scheduling, performance management, communication and offboarding. Because Aira is growing and expanding the scope and needed complexity of the service, your role is to adapt and develop new methods of operating while actively monitoring and taking action using current operating procedures. New methods will range from MVP, semi-manual processes all the way to collaborating with the Product Manager, engineering and analytics team to evolve the Aira Software Platform.

Objectives of this Role:

  • Collaborate with cross functional teams in the development of performance goals and long-term operational plans.
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity through extensive process analysis and interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Set strategic goals to transform customer experience, enhance business agility and drive operational efficiency for Service Delivery.
  • Work with project managers in the development of financial and budgetary plans.
  • Analyze current operational processes and performance, recommending solutions for improvement.
  • Collaborate with Analytics, Engineering to develop scalable features, tools that replace human driven processes thus creating a re-usable platform that may allow other companies to operate similar systems


  • Develop, implement, and monitor day-to-day operational systems and processes that provide visibility into goals, progress, and obstacles for Service Delivery team experience.
  • Build and maintain relationships with all internal stakeholders and external partners, and vendors to make decisions regarding operational activity and strategic goals.
  • Demonstrated ability to deeply analyze data and information, identify trends and problem statements, build innovative solutions and strategies, drive implementation and execution and iterate.
  • Develop a continuous improvement cycle based on KPIs that demonstrate customer satisfaction across Service Delivery organizations.
  • Plan, monitor, and analyze key metrics for the day-to-day performance of the operations to ensure efficient and timely completion of tasks.
  • Identify operational opportunities and build strategy and roadmap for improvement.
  • Cross train and develop a pipeline of technical expertise that will be required to meet long-term business objectives.
  • Assist management team in the creation of quality standards, performance improvement goals and development of training programs.
  • Manage product integration between in-house workforce management system and SAAS tools, including timesheet/schedule management tool and learning management system.
  • Thrive in an ambiguous, fast-paced environment operating at both strategic and tactical levels
  • Demonstrate collaboration and inclusion through hiring and promoting inclusive and diverse talent, encouraging all voices to be heard and valuing those voices, and serving as an example of leading a culture of belonging for others across Aira.
  • Passionate people manager who builds capabilities of individuals and teams through effective employee development, involvement, communication and coaching.


Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, operations or software related field
  • 10+ years senior leadership role in the appropriate field
  • Five years of experience in a technology company that builds their own solutions, service delivery, direct business management, and multiple technology domains
  • Experience in an early stage company or project where Lean Startup or Agile methodologies were employed and you were required to wear “multiple hats” and take on objectives outside of your core domain.
  • Superior knowledge of multiple operational functions and principles, including finance, customer service and employee management
  • Must have experience developing end to end solutions and services
  • Ability to streamline and implement new structures and roles that create speed, efficiency, and support rapidly shifting business demands
  • Result oriented and has ability to manage multiple/competing priorities
  • Strong working knowledge of data analysis and performance metrics using business management SaaS (e.g., Salesforce, Tableau/Looker/similar)
  • Advanced skills and experience in the following areas are required:
    • SalesForce or similar
    • Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
    • Analytics and visualization of multi-source datasets using SaaS tools (e.g. Tableau/Looker/similar, gsheets, )
  • Skills and domain knowledge in the following are useful and desired
    • SQL
    • Data Engineering, Data Management
    • Privacy and Security

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with expense budget and cost control
  • Dedication to identifying and communicating innovative ideas in a way that gains consensus and builds partnership
  • Superior negotiation skills in both internal and external settings
  • Masterful organizational, communication, and leadership skills, demonstrated by previous professional success


  • Opportunity to make an impact on a mission-driven business
  • Low drama, hands on culture, not impeded by process, oversight or lack of courage
  • A fun, dedicated, and hard-working team who are the magic behind our award-winning company
  • Competitive salary with significant equity options
  • Top-tier medical plan, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Unlimited PTO