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Authory is a bit different. We are not your run-of-the-mill venture capital backed startup desperately looking for product market fit while the clock is ticking away mercilessly.

Instead, we are a fully self-funded SaaS company that deliberately didn't go down the VC route, and we are operating profitably.

Founded in 2017, Authory is dedicated to helping content creators (like yourself!) become more independent and succeed in the challenging environment of online media. We enable writers, journalists, content marketers and all kinds of creators to take control of their content, build their own audience and advance their career - regardless of where they publish. Our platform is used by 1,000s of paying customers every day, among them content creators for The New York Times, Washington Post, The Economist, TechCrunch, CNN and many, many more.

As our first full-time content marketing hire, you will help us build a story around our customers, Authory as a brand, and the use cases that our platform offers.

1. The way we work

We are a remote first company. We value your integrity, autonomy and willingness to learn and share as a team above everything else. You can work from anywhere you like within an American or European time zone. We have a small headquarter office near Berlin but our team is completely remote and currently works from Germany, Portugal and Austria. Your working hours are flexible.

Authory is a small company with a team of four currently - you will have a lot of freedom and a lot of ownership. We are careful to limit any overhead to give you time to focus on truly understanding our current customers as well as potential new target groups, how they use Authory and what kind of content will help them.

2. The work to be done

Authory is an incredibly flexible software platform. Our customers are content creators and they use Authory to present, track, back up, analyze, share, curate and distribute their work. And we are continuously discovering new use cases of how our customers take advantage of our service.

This is very exciting yet poses the challenge to a) highlight and explain the various uses cases to new customers and b) to bring them all under the umbrella of one big storyline that revolves around Authory as a brand.

Given this background, we are looking for a content marketer who is comfortable working on the intersection of content creation, product and brand marketing.

  • You will create customer focussed content (e.g. use case stories or interviews), product focussed content (e.g. feature launches or tutorials), "classic" educational content marketing pieces (e.g. guides or blog posts), and help with copywriting for our website and product UI.
  • You will get to know our current customers and deeply understand their problems and challenges.
  • You will learn about existing use cases and uncover new use cases, turning them into stories that will increase our inbound growth.
  • You will help us to create a convincing "story arc": We want to tell the story of our service by creating a consistent storyline along the entire user journey that ranges from our content marketing and our social media, to our landing pages, to the onboarding and actual UI of Authory.
  • You will create matching content for our social media channels and sometimes also for ad campaigns.

3. About you

First and foremost, you are self-motivated and self-directed. You will have the opportunity to take real ownership of your work and see it through from start to finish understanding that you are responsible for tackling and clearing any obstacles in the way - with the help of the entire team of course. At Authory, true ownership means that you own the losses just as much as the wins.

Beyond these fundamental qualities:
  • You are an ambitious content marketer with a "jack of all trades" attitude: Your writing skills will be required just as much as your understanding of our customers and what it takes to execute a content strategy.
  • You love communicating, both with existing and with potential new customers. You truly want to learn who they are and what drives them.
  • You know how to write, with a focus on long form content for guides, tutorials and other educational content. However, you are also at home when it comes to short-form copy for social media, a landing page or ads.
  • You understand various distribution channels such as search engines and social media.
  • You know how on-page SEO works.
  • You flourish in a fast-paced, and sometimes even messy environment. You are happy to roll up your sleeves and get things done.
  • You have at least 2 years of experience creating content for SaaS companies (ideally with products made for content creators) or E-commerce companies.

4. Benefits

  • Truly meaningful work: We are not building a generic product for corporate use. Our customers are in with their hearts, and it shows in the relationships we have.
  • Eating your own dog food (in the best sense): Many of our customers are content marketers themselves, so you are marketing to an audience that you yourself belong to. This will make connecting with the audience a lot more fun.
  • Time to get work done: As we are a small team, we have fewer meetings/overhead and instead focus on giving you the time and space to build out the content marketing engine of your dreams.
  • Remote work: You can work from anywhere in an American or European time zone since we are fully remote.
  • Flexible work hours
  • 25 days vacation per year
  • Competitive compensation
  • Option to become leader of future content marketing team
  • Choose between working full-time or 4 days a week at 80% compensation

5. The hiring process

We want to be very open about the way the hiring process works, so you know exactly what to expect.

Stage 1: Initial Application & Questions
You'll send us your basic info that we ask for in the application form. If we believe you could be a good fit, we'll schedule an interview.

Stage 2: Detailed Interview
The purpose of this interview is to get to know each other and to dive deeper into your professional background and experience.

Stage 3: Culture Interview
This call will take place with both founders. We'll discuss what your goals are, how they could be fulfilled at Authory and what our company culture is like.

Stage 4: Job Offer
After consulting a few of your references, we'll make you an offer!