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As the Product Manager, you will combine your passion for building awesome apps and scalable platforms with exceptionally strong analytical and project management skills to help our efforts building and delivering our services, analyzing metrics, and improving upon our product(s). You will break down complex problems and use data to inform decisions. The Product Manager will work across multi-disciplinary global teams: UX, engineering, operations and QA to build a deep understanding of engaging and enjoyable consumer and partner interactions with Bits of Stock, and to be part of the overall success of the company.

What You'll Do:
  • Facilitates end-to-end product planning and delivery processes across cross-functional teams and into the market.
  • Collaborates with the Product Development team to accelerate product go-to-market via solid development and delivery processes
  • Manages release planning, feature prioritization, product requirements, and ongoing product roadmap process alongside other PMs
  • Maintains ongoing market sensing activities to ensure continual learning, competitive products, and consumer feedback inclusion into the product process
  • Develops and publishes product roadmap with the Chief Product Officer on a regular basis
  • Develops high-level business cases in support of innovation and product development activities
  • Defining product success metrics, and analyzing product performance by driving the product agenda with Engineering Design, and other cross-functional teams to deliver!
Benefits and Perks:
  • Equity in Bits of Stock
  • Competitive salary in addition to performance-based compensation
  • Team outings that do not involve trust falls...
  • Weekly distributed workdays

Located at Soho Farm in Manhattan with fast-growing startups. We value teamwork and leadership. We are a casual yet dedicated and highly motivated team with a shared passion for giving back to the community. We practice what we believe - Ownership Mentality. Team members work cross-functionally and collaboratively to solve problems across the company while taking ownership of their roles and responsibilities. We train on a monthly basis as a team (ie courses, presentations, mentoring, etc.) to grow individually while learning and sharpening new skills.

We also believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to living our values, promoting innovation, and building the best products out there. Our success is directly related to the employees that we hire, grow, and retain and we believe that our team should reflect the diversity of the customers that we serve.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Bits is committed to building an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, national origin, protected veteran status, age, or any other status protected by law. Everyone is encouraged to apply.

About Bits of Stock

The #ownershipeconomy is coming and here to stay. The next 10 years will be a momentous decade for the will of the people to unite and overcome wealth inequality and financial inequity. The wealth inequality gap means the world's richest 1% have more than twice as much wealth as 6.9 Billion people, while half of humanity is living on less than $5.50 a day. And inequality is sexist too.

The very top of the economic pyramid sees trillions of dollars of wealth in the hands of a very small group of people, predominantly men, whose fortune and power grow exponentially. With less income and fewer assets than men, women make up the greatest proportion of the world’s poorest households, and that proportion is growing.

Addressing this extreme gap, however, is not just a political choice. There is a need for a paradigm shift in the way equity and wealth are redistributed, a shift away from government as the main intermediary of redistribution to a focus on the economic relationship between customers and corporations. Think about this, only 4 cents in every dollar of tax revenue comes from taxes on wealth while the ultra-wealthy avoid as much as 30% of their tax liability. A better mechanism to redistribute wealth that aligns with the incentives of corporates and their customers is an ownership economy on a global scale.

Younger generations are the least invested generation in history, even though their excitement around stocks grows. With 68% of young adults aged between 19 to 29 have little to no money invested at all. On the other hand, we see the wealthiest 10% of Americans now owning 89% of all U.S. stocks, a record high that highlights the stock market's role in increasing wealth inequality (CNBC).

Bits of Stock aims to tackle this by rewarding customers with fractional shares through everyday shopping with leading brands like Zara, Five Guys, Popeyes, and plenty more. Creating opportunities by removing friction, they look to level the playing field by making investing universally available for all.

It doesn't stop there! Brands invest over $200 billion a year to attract and retain new millennials and gen Z customers. With a combined spending power of $1.5 trillion, competition is heating up. Bits of Stock is challenging traditional loyalty programs like points, air miles, and cashback programs. And the data is promising, with results showing that dollar-for-dollar Stock Rewards have an effectiveness of 2000% compared to cashback with a mere 351% (Vena et al. (2008)).

What does this mean for brands? Well, with Bits of Stock's partners seeing results like 40% increases in average customer spend and 26% increases in customer frequency. It looks like brands finally have a solution that builds long-term loyalty, engagement, and frequency while providing actual long-term value to the end customer.

Join us today to build the ownership economy of tomorrow.

What We're Looking For:
  • Excellent communicator and operator.
  • Curiosity, creativity, and an unquenchable drive to learn and grow
  • Obsessed with solving puzzles and never gives up
  • Ownership and Growth mentality
  • Entrepreneurial & Growth Hacker mindset
  • Thought leadership and the ability to analyze and propose solutions
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills
  • High standards of excellence and attention to detail
Skills and Experience:
  • 3+ years of product management experience, with 2+ years experience with consumer finance or app-based technology products and services
  • Prior experience working with Internet technologies and e-commerce
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills combined with a strong business and technical acumen
  • Demonstrated experience in agile software development practices
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Demonstrated track record of successful product and project management execution and leading cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality products
  • Ability to prioritize among competing opportunities
  • Demonstrated experience using data to drive decision making
  • Ability to maneuver and appreciate a fast-moving pace, and an ability to embrace ambiguity