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Human Resource Director - Position Overview:

Blue Orange Digital is a cloud-based data transformation and predictive analytics development firm with offices in NYC and Washington, DC. From startups to Fortune 500's, we help companies make sense of their business challenges by applying modern data analytics techniques, visualizations, and AI/ML. Founded by engineers, we love passionate technologists and data analysts. Our startup DNA means everyone on the team makes a direct contribution to the growth of the company.

This full-time position is remote.

Organizational Design and Culture:

  • Advise and support leadership and management on organizational change and design issues; recommend strategies and approaches to build and sustain a values-aligned, high-performing organizational culture;
  • Translate and manifest Blue Orange's values in HR program design, policies, and practice; promote and facilitate employees' ability to do so in their own roles and workplace contexts;
  • Support ongoing internal initiatives to create a work environment and community of practice that is inclusive, responsive, and accountable to its goals and values.

Employee Engagement, Development, and Performance:

  • Develop and manage employee recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and retention plans and processes that are legally compliant and promote the ongoing development of a diverse and engaged staff;
  • Educate and support managers in their roles and efforts with respect to employee hiring, onboarding, and retention.
  • Assess, modify, or redesign Blue Orange's performance development, management, review policies, and processes as indicated;
  • Develop policies and programs to support employees' development in their roles and careers;
  • Coordinate with individual employees and their managers to create and implement tailored professional development plans;
  • Ensure that all employees have ready access to accurate, timely, and legible information about HR policies and processes, along with safe channels to ask questions or raise concerns;
  • Create, update, and provide materials, training, coaching, and other resources as indicated to deliver on the above responsibilities, and to equip others to make their corresponding contributions.


  • Develop strategic and operational HR goals and initiatives;
  • Develop and manage the HR department's quarterly OKR work plan and budget;
  • Develop and track progress against strategic and operational goals and intended outcomes, consistent with the firm's and in collaboration with key colleagues;
  • Manage hiring, performance, and professional development of department staff;
  • Maintain familiarity with promising and best practices in the HR field; update and incorporate as indicated for Blue Orange Digital.


  • 6+ years experience in senior human resources positions involving a broad range of both strategic and tactical responsibilities;
  • Familiarity and facility with the tech industry, consistent with 3+ years experience as an HR professional with hiring responsibilities in professional services, technology, or similar;
  • Author and practitioner of equitable and inclusive human resource policies and programs; record of success in building diverse, engaged workplaces;
  • Experience designing, and working together with executives and colleagues to implement, professional development and performance management systems and plans that are accountable to organizational goals, values, and standards;
  • Experience educating, coaching, and partnering with executives and colleagues in their professional development, and in the professional development of others;
  • Hands-on experience identifying, engaging, and closing leadership talent;
  • Action-Oriented. Readily takes action on challenges, without unnecessary planning. Identifies and seizes new opportunities. Displays a can-do attitude in good and bad times. Steps up to handle tough issues.

Our Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited PTO
  • 401k Match
  • Healthcare, Dental, Vision, Life

Salary: 120,000 - 150,000 (USD $)

Blue Orange Digital is an equal-opportunity employer.

[Background checks may be required for certain positions/projects]