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Regional Director of Revenue Management- Blue Sky Hospitality Solutions


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Management and Finance

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Regional Regional Director of Revenue Management.
Blue Sky Hospitality Solutions LLC

Directly accountable for maximizing the revenues of the hotels within their region. The position is integral to the success of each hotel's revenue management system. This position may be based remotely. This position will play a lead role in the development and implementation of each hotel's yield strategies.

Primary Responsibilities

The Regional Revenue Manager is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the Region's revenue management practices are consistent with BSHS's policies and procedures, as defined by BSHS's Corporate Revenue Team. The above mentioned includes utilizing the BSHS Tool Kit;
  • Preparing Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports;
  • Maintaining the region's Revenue Management knowledge base;
  • Monitoring/managing BSHSs Revenue Management System;
  • Maximizing the Region's revenues by monitoring transient and group production, ensuring that an optimal guest mix is maintained;
  • Evaluating group booking requests to ensure that the Hotels are not displacing higher yielding revenue;
  • Implementing all changes/recommendations with assistance from the Hotels' Revenue Team;
  • Critically analyzing the impact of the revenue management strategies implemented by the Revenue Team;
  • Ensuring that the Hotels' position in the GDS and other distribution channels is consistent with the Hotels' Selling Strategies, includes conducting rate and availability audits;
  • Ensuring that all rate plans are built in accordance with established guidelines;
  • Assisting the hotels in analyzing events/trends that may impact a Hotel's/Region's revenues;
  • Assisting in the development of the Hotels' budgets;
  • Conducting research that assesses the revenue management practices of the Hotels' primary competitors to ensure that opportunities to enhance the Hotels' revenues are not overlooked;
  • Reporting to the Hotels' Teams on a weekly basis concerning the current and future state of the Hotels' revenue management system and providing periodic updates with reference to primary research activities and ongoing initiatives;
  • Forecasting within acceptable tolerance levels;
  • Serving as an informational resource for the Hotels' Property Management Team,


  • Meeting and exceeding budgeted revenues, ensuring that the Hotels' RevPAR indexes are maintained or enhanced;
  • Maintaining the integrity of the Hotels' yield chain;