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Join us to imagine and create tomorrow's products, services and businesses

We are an independent business design and innovation strategy firm. We are a global collective of strategists, designers and entrepreneurs . We join forces with the world’s most ambitious businesses to design and to make what life needs next. You can see some of our impact here.

We have built a successful business - with 30%+ year on year growth by building strong relationships and delivering exciting work. Our ethos is simple:

  • Make it personal: help others. Be yourself. Leave your ego at the door.
  • Make it better: think, and think again. Raise the bar. Listen, learn, share, repeat.
  • Make it happen: be entrepreneurial. No buzzwords, no theater. Ideas are nice, but impact is everything.

We have hubs in New York, Singapore, Antwerp and Amsterdam with teams across 27 locations - we’ve committed to remote first, allowing our teams to locate in the places that work for them.

The team members are based here:


Your day to day

On a broad variety or projects, you validate the problem, solution and market fit as well as de-risk business hypotheses through digital experiments within a given budget:

  • Evaluate and design the most impactful evaluative and generative experiments, depending on the stage of the innovation funnel the project is targeting (hypotheses to test, acceptance criteria, test protocol & tooling)
  • Give experiment briefs to clients and internal consultants
  • Execute the experiments, e.g. create A/B tests and set up social media experiments, within a given budget, in collaboration with our visual designers if needed
  • Coach clients and consultants on how to run experiments themselves
  • Create content around digital validation of business models/concepts/ideas (similar to this article)
  • Be the in-house expert on everything related to digital experiments

You own the quantitative validation of our projects and move from an assumption and faith-based concept to a proven solution, gaining deep insights into consumer behavior through a variety of testing methods:

  • Analyze and synthesize the experiment results
  • Measure KPIs and validate hypotheses (you're a data wizard!)
  • Create detailed reports based on the experiments you ran
  • Deliver a compelling story and suggest next steps so we can build on the results

You are a key part of the delivery team on our projects, working with and in front of clients from project kick-off to follow-up:

  • Contribute to the program design and strategy
  • Support and participate in the qualitative research and incorporate validation insights into the recommendations
  • Hands-on support on project delivery

You continuously re-invent the way in which we test tomorrow’s products services and businesses:

  • Source and test new tools and combine them in innovative ways within a given budget
  • Support your design centric colleagues to incorporate quantitative insights into their recommendations and business cases
  • Share learnings and help out your peers in a thriving global community of practice

What you’ll need to succeed

  • Expertise in in designing digital experiments or relevant experience in performance marketing, growth hacking, or quantitative research
  • Skilled in data analytics and deep quantitative skills that can be embedded in a qualitative point of view
  • Passionate about scalability of digital growth hacking tools
  • Data driven decision maker who can tell stories with data and turn data insights into strategic actions that create tangible value for a business,
  • You’re all about Google Analytics, an expert in end-to-end digital product management process and well versed in Lean Startup methodologies
  • Entrepreneurial thinker - you’ve probably had or have got a side hustle
  • Knowledgeable when it comes to UI/UX tools such as Figma, Sketch, InVision, Wix and UMSO for concept design and prototyping amongst others
  • We are tech-enabled and constantly update our toolstack - the current favorites of our experiment designers are Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google Analytics (to launch ad campaigns or content and track traffic analytics), Fathom (for landing page tracking and reporting), Hotjar (for integrated website analytics), Conjointly (for advanced surveying with built-in conjoint analysis) and DisplayR (to clean up the data and slice-and-dice it in different visual ways) amongst others
  • Ideally interested in behavioral psychology


Why work at Board of Innovation

At Board of Innovation we are passionate about making what life needs next. Board of Innovation is not just a company but a way of working. It is a place that solves real challenges and creates a meaningful impact. It is a place that values diversity, intellectual curiosity, and the pursuit of passions. We strive to be a place where you can bring your whole self to work. As a remote first company, we , and understands that working from an office is not the only way to work. While the work we do is not easy, we make time to connect with the amazing people we’ve assembled from around the world to share our stories and learn from each other… Even spending a whole week together at our annual Summer Office (which is usually never far from a pool or beach!).