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Lead Software Engineer


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Full Stack Programming

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➡️ Check out our Head of Engineering Adam Zeffer talking about this role here
Mission 🧗
Our mission is to make wealth creation more accessible for aspiring and current homeowners, so they can build more successful and flexible futures.
We’re currently in stealth mode and assembling our early team. Investors are responding to our idea and business model with gusto and big things are happening. 🚀
What You’ll Own ⛰️
As a Lead Engineer you will work closely with our Head of Engineering to help build high performing teams and systems. We think you will own:
- Help set our technical direction for the various applications and services that will power our company. Helping answer questions like, what language, frameworks, platforms, etc.
- Be both a technical leader and a people leader helping inspire other engineers to grow personally and professionally.
- Help design and architect our systems, keeping both quick iteration as well as future scale in mind, and not just scale from a performance standpoint but also the scale of teams and people.
Note that we say “think” because who really knows - you can do whatever you want to do if you come into a company at this early stage. Seriously, get in here and start blowing our minds and taking stuff over. We’re all about empowerment, teamwork and making big things happen.
Why You Are The One ☝️
- You have 10+ years of software engineering experience
- You have 7+ years of development using a modern OOP language (eg: Java, C++, C#..)
- 3+ years in a leadership role helping mentor and grow other engineers of all levels (Senior, Junior, Interns, etc...)
- 3+ Years designing / architecting distributed systems
- You are a polyglot at heart and look for the right language / framework / tool for the job
- You think cloud native and have a great understanding of AWS services such as AppSync, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, API Gateway, etc.
Compensation 💰
Salary: $185 - $240K+ (plus equity & benefits)
We’re an early stage startup but we have a solid amount of funding (with more on the way) and we’re not paying our people peanuts. If you take a chance on us, we are able to provide you a competitive salary and a large equity stake reserved for early employees. If we win big on this idea, so will you.
We also have our sh*t together and have quality benefits set up that is 100% employee paid (medical, dental, vision, life insurance and 401K).
The Idea 💡
Traditionally, many people sell their home and take the proceeds from the sale to upgrade to their next home. Then, years later, they look on Zillow only to find the original home’s value continued to rise, making them realize how much money they couldhavehad if they would have held onto their original home. 😱
This is our massive opportunity. History has shown us that real estate is the most predictable form of wealth, so what if homeowners could move on as planned, but instead of walking away from their untapped equity, what if they could keep that ownership, allowing them to take advantage of any future equity and wealth? That’s A LOT of future wealth we can put back into the in the hands of millions of homeowners. It’s potentially life changing for homeowners and creates a world of new possibilities when we think about home ownership.
This is why we need you.
Why This Matters 🙌
With a lack of options available, people have learned to sell in order to buy a new home, instead of keeping their homes to build wealth and open doors for the future.
Today that changes. We’re here to reeducate people and revise the “sell-to-buy model” to “buy-never-sell.” Our company is here to remind people that their home’s future value is always higher than it is today and that their equity grows over time, so no matter what, they are better off holding onto their home than selling now. We will give people the capital they need to get their next home and let them keep the first one as a permanent asset in their growing portfolio - the easy way.
The story doesn’t just stop there. While we are focused on existing homeowners to start, our vision extends to aspiring homeowners. We’re passionate about helping all people become real estate owners and empowering them to build long-term asset wealth.
Why We Need You 🐅
This is early days startup stuff, the beginning of a wild and fun adventure. The whiteboard ink is barely dry on the idea and we’re moving into making it come alive (from the ground up!). This is a perfect role for someone who is itching to make a giant impact and likes to build without rules. If startups excite rather than scare you, we’d like to talk to you. You’ll be in good company!
Company Culture ⛹🏾
We think of our company less like a family and more like a sports team. We have a competitive spirit and we’re not afraid to admit it (we’re constantly competing to be the next best version of us and we don’t settle easy!). Like a sports team, everyone has an important position on the team and is trusted by the rest of us to show up for it. We also know that we’re only as strong as our ability to work together so collaboration and flexibility reigns.
Overall, we are humbled by the massive opportunity in front of us and want to build something epic. We also want to have fun doing it and inclusively champion each other. This means we grow together, pick each other up when we’re down, and keep our eyes on the big prize - a successful product that happy customers can’t stop talking because it changed their life.
We also will never make you work in an office — our team is distributed and leans into remote best practices like asynchronous communication (disclaimer: we love Loom). We work at a startup but we still take time to walk our dog during the day or take our kid to softball practice. This is the beauty of distributed work and we are big fans. We believe you can’t put a price on your most precious commodity — your time.
Are You Unsure? 🤔
If you’re unsure about mission and how it aligns with you personally, we’d love a chance to talk to you about us. We’re a stealth startup so there’s very little about us available - we can fill you in. If you’re super interested in our company and this role but don’t have the exact experience highlighted, we encourage you to go for it — we might be a wonderful fit for each other.