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Coder is looking for a Principal Product Designer that will establish our visual language, build out a beautiful website, and optimize our product UX.

This role may be a good fit if:

You're autonomous and can deliver immense value without day-to-day management. You also have experience building out webpages. JavaScript, React and CSS proficiency is a must.

You've built great websites, you've been a designer for at least 4 years, and you've worked at a high growth startup. Preferably, you have excellent written communication skills and have coded for at least 2 years.

Finally, you should only join if you can commit to our long-term mission. Today, software engineers waste 30% of their day configuring environments and waiting on builds and tests. This toil is not only bad for productivity, it's bad for happiness since it frequently disrupts flow. Coder is committed to resolving these issues by offloading development from local machines to cloud servers, letting developers code at the speed of thought.

If you can get behind our mission, consider applying.