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Backend Programming

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What We're Looking For

We're currently looking for:
  • Senior-level experience developing web applications and APIs. We have multiple services but our core applications and new development is in Elixir and Javascript/Node.js with some legacy applications in Ruby (and even a bit of Go).
  • Don't now Elixir? Think you can learn fast? Most of our team learned Elixir on the job and we believe smart engineers can easily learn it too.
  • Focus and experience with optimizing web application performance and security. We'll ask for examples.
  • Professional experience with a variety of AWS services, including EKS, RDS, Kinesis, Lambda, SQS.
  • Bonus: Direct experience dealing with data at scale (think billions of data points monthly, terabytes of data, etc).
  • Bonus: Advanced database design and optimization experience
  • Bonus: Absinthe/GraphQL experience
  • Bonus: React experience (helps communicate with our front-end team)
  • Bonus: Ruby experience
  • Bonus: Kubernetes experience

Culture Fit

Culture fit is very important at Crazy Egg. Take our 5-10 minute Culture Fit Test to see if Crazy Egg is right for you.