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UX Content Strategist

Job Summary:

The UX Content Strategist at Drips designs carefully crafted conversational outreach campaigns that cover multiple channels including two-way SMS, Voicemail, and MMS and is a critical component of the UX Production and Strategy teams. This role balances two worlds. The first being delivering high quality content that meets the needs of both Drips and the client by producing first-rate campaign scripts on a demanding timeline (Production). The second being applying research, data, and creative aptitude in order to advance internal best practices for content and the overall UX experience. The UX team is relentless in helping clients achieve their KPIs and this role is responsible for developing, managing, and tracking optimization plans that ensure success. The UX Content Specialist supports our client success teams post launch of a new project, documents and shares key learnings to larger internal groups, communicates with clients directly on their needs, and envisions creative solutions to problems that arise. 

A UX Content strategist must be able to facilitate the prioritization of various deliverables and timelines. In addition, they must execute these job responsibilities within the framework of Drips Core Values. Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The UX Content Strategist role can be broken down into 3 key areas. Those key areas and the related responsibilities include:

UX Performance

  • Become an expert at using Drips software in order to gain an understanding of the various functionalities that can fine tune the user experience in a project.
  • Review reporting to track the success of UX concepts currently being tested.
  • Develop optimization plans with new clients that lay out a longer-term strategy for improving project ROI and KPIs.
  • Help drive the UX team to continually develop best practices and keep team members as well as documentation and internal programs up to date on what those best practices are.

Client Satisfaction

  • Communicate effectively with clients so that Drips fully understands their needs and can ensure the projects and campaigns are thoughtful to those requirements during design and review phases.
  • Research client programs and understand their marketing as well as the industry they are within.
  • Craft exceptionally thoughtful scripts that will lay the groundwork for powerful conversations with consumers that create consumer satisfaction and subsequently-- client delight.
  • Guide clients towards Drips' best practices with confidence and excitement.
  • Ensure effective AB or Split Testing is implemented on new client projects based off of self-driven optimization plan and subsequent data analysis post launch.

Product Enhancement

  • Work with programs such as Chat GPT to continually innovate how Drips develops and learns from data.
  • Find and present ways to make our work with our clients to the Product team. This may include implementing new tools, introducing new features, adding functionality to our software, and even down to elements such as how content is packaged and shared with clientele.
  • Be a jack-of-all-trades within the Drips team: be comfortable handling an unplanned conference call, jumping in on a data scient project, creating powerpoint presentations for the executive team.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Bachelor's Degree in communications, advertising, marketing, psychology, interaction design or other related field; or, Bachelor's Degree in unrelated field with 4+ years of experience in a role with similar job duties.
  • Adept with Microsoft Office suite, including Excel.
  • Rapid learner of software (SFDC, Teams, Tableau, etc)
  • Data driven mindset with the ability to dive in reporting and metrics to form hypothesis and concretely prove them.
  • Comfortable translating complex ideas and issues to an uninformed audience.
  • Ability to manage and support multiple clients at once. 
  • Results driven. Fantastic problem-solving skills.  
  • Strong organizational skills. Keen ability to pay attention to the details. 
  • Experience with or appetite to learn ChatGPT
  • Exceptional verbal and written skills.  
  • Must be a self-starter able to work with limited supervision and relish wearing multiple hats.
  • Committed to creating a positive and exciting company culture.

** Must be currently living in the U.S. / are authorized to work in the U.S.

Applicant Instructions:

All applicants are asked to submit a cover letter alongside their resume that contains the following details:

Include two or more of the following skillsets with appropriate details:

  • Experience working with/for Healthcare Payers/Insurance companies
  • Experience in Digital Marketing
  • Experience with copywriting
  • Experience with crafting SMS or other short form advertisement
  • Experience handling objections in written form
  • Experience creating any written content for specific personas and/or demographics
  • Experience utilizing ChatGPT
  1. Write the cover letter with a tone that reflects overwhelming excitement and utilizes scarcity and social proof.
  2. Mention the Drips core value (available on our website) you embody the most.
  3. Include your salary requirements or range.
  4. Keep the cover letter under 250 words
  5. Attach examples of written content from previous experience.