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Hiring is the single most important responsibility we have as a business. We have an intensive process to ensure we excel in this vital practice. It’s a huge decision for us and for you. To succeed, all you need to do is show up authentically and be yourself. We promise to do the same.


Dry Farm Wines is the world’s premier Natural Wine company. We curate the highest quality Natural Wines from small family growers around the world. Every wine meets a set of strict criteria, including organic farming practices, lower alcohol levels, no sugar, and delicious taste.

But, we do far more than just sell wine. Our mission today is to create the healthiest, most beautiful, and most premium Rare Natural Wine lifestyle for our influential, affluent, and health-conscious community.

To create the most premium Natural Wine brand, we need to execute a few things better than anyone else in the world - sourcing the purest and best tasting Natural Wines, delivering the most premium Natural Wine shopping and drinking experience, and inspiring a premium Natural Wine lifestyle for our community.

The most direct path to this goal is an obsessive focus on our Member.

We must maintain an obsessive focus on who our Member is, how they aspire to live, and how we can best serve and elevate them. Everyone is always empowered to support and serve our Members however needed.

That’s why we’re now looking for a full-time Member Experience, Call Specialist to join our remote team and provide weekend coverage.

Benefits of working with DFW

This is the best place to work in the world. If it wasn’t, the rest of us wouldn’t be here.

The benefits of joining this team are vast. Here are a few:

  • Distributed Work Model, built to support every individual’s freedom and still build a strong team
  • Unlimited pure Natural Wine. Need we say more?
  • Fully paid health, dental, and vision.
  • Generous 401k, Profit Sharing, and Defined Benefit plans available.
  • 4 day work week, built to prioritize only impactful work.
  • Paid gym membership.
  • Team meals and parties, paid for by the company.
  • Huge opportunities to expand your responsibilities and position as the company continues to rapidly grow.
  • Generous vacation and PTO days.
  • Most importantly, the opportunity to connect with the team on a daily basis. We are a lot of fun, and we push the boundaries of possibility daily in helping each other grow and in our service to others.
  • Every single person you will work with is an elite performer. Not just some, but ALL. Everyone here is a rockstar at what they do and has a deep dedication to being the best in their craft.
Roles and Responsibilities

What’s a Customer Support Call Specialist? Glad you asked!

It’s someone whose heart and soul are focused on ensuring our customers have a Concierge-level experience with us. Our Member Service model revolves around a dedication to hospitality: personalized, elevated service from real people, empowered to help the customer at all costs to create a seamless experience.

We sell a premium product and our customers deserve a premium and loving experience. Our responsibility, and our challenge as we grow, is to make sure every person we interact with experiences this and feels our total commitment.

As the voice of our Member Experience, your job is to make sure every customer feels understood, appreciated, and loved.

Customer Service
  • You’ll solve any issues that arise for customers.
  • You’ll always prioritize phone calls.
  • You’ll be first in the queue on calls and always be available to answer inbound calls.
  • You'll manage customer inquiries via the phone.
  • You’ll ensure every customer feels heard by getting them a quick response to any questions they have.
  • You’ll listen to customers and let them know you care.
  • You will take your time with customers to ensure they don’t feel rushed.
  • You’ll keep the rest of the team informed about the general mood and feedback from customers.
  • You’ll constantly be asking yourself, “how can this be better for our customers?”
  • You’ll make recommendations for ways to improve the customer experience, and you’ll implement many of them.
Working Days and Hours
  • Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 6pm PST
Requirements to Apply
  • You must have at least 2 years of experience in a customer facing position.
  • You’ve worked in or with wine in some capacity.
  • You have an unquenchable thirst for learning.
Our Culture

We are driven to create what we love, with people we admire, for a community who loves what

we do.

Creating what we love

Dry Farm Wines started because of Todd’s passion to optimize his health while still enjoying his love for wine. It grew at the intersection of natural wine, health, community, design, travel, and elevated taste. That’s the space in which we create and dream still today.

With people we admire

We need to mutually admire, respect, and trust the people we work with. We celebrate being an elite team that enjoys excellence for excellence's sake. We know that a group of talented individuals, creating in harmony together, is an incredible experience to be part of and a terrific way to make a living and grow as a human.

For a community who loves what we do

We bring products and a lifestyle to people who share our passion for health, taste, art, design,

beauty, and impact. Our Members love what we love, whether it is healthy living, natural farming practices, delicious food, or beautiful art.

For us, this is all part of building a great business and a great lifestyle.

DFW Business Values

As a Community, Dry Farm Wines values well-being, creative expression, and making an impact. Our Values aren’t a set of rules, so much as the ingredients that keep our community healthy and strong. We all are committed to showing up with these values:

  1. Admiration - We admire and respect each other
  2. Excellence - We have an internal drive for excellence in all things
  3. Innovation - We are always adapting and pushing the envelope
  4. Group Flow - We love creating together and we trust each other
  5. Self-Directed Responsibility - We get things done with energy, cleverness, and without requiring much oversight
Freedom & Responsibility

We believe freedom and flexibility are important personal values in our lives today, and we want to lean into them further. People create at their highest when they are focused, rested, and leave space for the creative process. But we also recognize that, within a collaborative organization, too much flexibility can lead to unstructured and isolated lives, and too much freedom, if misused at the expense of the group, can negatively impact everyone else’s collective freedom.

Flexible Schedule
  1. 4 Day Work Week - We encourage everyone to view Friday (or whichever day becomes your flex day) as a day for personal growth, learning, travel, new experiences, extended fitness, and deep creative work. Anything that inspires and expands your experience, and may bring inspiration and growth to your daily work.
  2. Department Meeting Mondays - Although everyone is expected to be available for other communications on Monday, there will only be regularly scheduled meetings. All meetings and normal gatherings will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Monday is for creative flow time.
  3. Distributed Work Locations - In addition to your home office, there will be open work spaces available in Napa, LA, Dallas, and Miami. We believe this model can work effectively if everyone is as committed to their productivity, personal contribution, and the team’s performance as they are to their own flexibility. We intend to expand the business, our impact, and the financial freedom of everyone in it. We remain committed to advancing everyone’s personal careers and compensation as one of leadership’s primary responsibilities.

We are very passionate about our culture. Finding someone who values this type of culture is just as important to us as the ideal role attributes.

Our culture is not negotiable. We love it too much.

If you are uncomfortable with anything we do, that’s okay. We might not be the best fit for you. But if you read this and jump with excitement, then let’s continue.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve submitted the questionnaire and resume, here’s what to expect:

  1. Application Review. We’ll review your questionnaire and resume and follow up with you within a week.
  2. Meet & Greet Call. Next, we’ll begin with scheduling a video interview, which will last about 10 minutes for a meet and greet.
  3. Group Call. We’ll then schedule a 30 minute call with more people from the team. It’s a chance for us to get to know you better, and for you to better know us and our business.
  4. Project Review. We will assign you a specific project that will help us understand your work product. It will be a project within your area of hire. Then we will schedule a 30-60 minute video interview to review the project. If you have a significant other that is relocating with you, we would love for them to join this call for 5-10 minutes. Because we’re all so close, we would love for your significant other to meet us too!
  5. Virtual Napa Visit. If we’re all still a good fit for each other, next we’ll plan a virtual working interview/socials. You’ll virtually meet with a group of us for an open and wide-ranging conversation, experience our work environment, work on a project and present it to us. You will get an intimate close look at us, and how we work together to create magic.
  6. Together, we will determine next steps.

We deeply appreciate you investing the time to learn about us and share your thoughts and life with us.

With much love and gratitude,

Todd, David, Tony, Luen, Mark, Ramzy, Gio, Jon, Shawn, Cesar, Beno, Kayla, David, Mandy, Ximena, Jasiel, Omar, Kristian, Alex, Rae, Lindsay, Barbara, Viviana, Aaron, Scott, Alexis, Hugo, Jesus, Alejandro, Rosa, Jason, Victor, Erin, Jonatan, Rush, Alex, Bryan, Juan, Christian, Nyllan, Enrique, Salomon, James, Maria, Angela, Sarah, Erica, Jenna, Nemy, Hayden, Shelby, Chandler, Becca, Ronny, Douglas, Emily, Greg