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Early Medical is the small, multi-enterprise venture of Peter Attia, which focuses on the applied science of longevity. The brand umbrella of Early Medical covers two distinct groups: a medical practice (that directly supports patients) and a portfolio of digital products (including a top-rated podcast, The Drive, featuring experts across a variety of fields).

Both the practice and digital products deal extensively with nutritional interventions, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, emotional and mental health, and pharmacology to increase lifespan (how long you live), while simultaneously improving healthspan (the quality of your life).

ABOUT THE DRIVE (the podcast)

The Drive is a weekly, deep-dive podcast focusing on maximizing longevity. With over 45 million episodes downloaded to date, it features topics including fasting, ketosis, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, mental health, and much more. The Drive also offers a subscriber platform to receive exclusive benefits.

NB: Due to this role's nature and access to proprietary information, late-stage candidates will be asked to sign an interview candidate non-disclosure agreement to protect the company from any disclosure of information made to candidates in the late state interview process. This allows us to be more honest and thorough during the interview process, which allows for a better mutual assessment for position and talent requirements.


The Drive - Over 200 podcast episodes released with over 45 Million downloads (4.8 stars, 5K reviews on Apple Podcast

Instagram - 300K+ followers

Twitter - 215K followers

YouTube - 130K followers

Facebook - 57K followers

Weekly newsletter - shared weekly across subscriber audience and social channels


We are looking for a Manager of Growth Marketing to lead our performance marketing efforts. This role will interact heavily with our CEO and Podcast Manager and is responsible for managing all our paid marketing efforts. The ideal candidate has 7+ years of experience in performance marketing in a nimble fast-growing environment. They have a deep understanding of the different growth marketing levers and can be a strong partner to product, brand, podcast, and research teams. They have specifically spent a few years as an individual contributor, but have also managed either a small internal team or external contractors.

As both a strategist and a tactician (or, once scaled, delegator of execution) you are exclusively responsible for: 1) growing our podcast listenership and paid subscribers, 2) growing our overall brand awareness in the market, 3) launching and growing our new digital course, and 4) influencing external and managing internal marketing and PR efforts for the Q2 2023 book launch of Peter's first book.

Content Marketing:

  • Plan, analyze, and execute all day-to-day aspects of weekly content campaigns, including email marketing, social media marketing, and the onsite experience.
  • Become an expert in our current content library, empowering yourself to identify gaps and spot opportunities as needed to drive growth.
  • Work with our research team to translate complex scientific content and make it accessible to our audience; repackaging and optimizing the content as needed for each marketing channel.
  • Coordinate with team leads to build out a strategic monthly publishing schedule, ensuring diversity amongst various topics.
  • Continuously monitor results and use performance data to drive our strategy for the next campaign.
  • Optimize all published content to drive maximum engagement, expand brand awareness, improve SERP ranking, and generate leads/revenue.
  • Familiarity with SEO best practices; utilizing tools such as SEMRush and Search Console to identify opportunities and drive growth

Video Marketing:

  • Experience growing and scaling youtube channels
  • Utilize vSEO tools such a SEMRush and VIDIQ to identify SEO opportunities
  • Strategically slice and dice content from our existing, extensive content library in order to grow brand awareness and attract new users
  • Design and create custom thumbnails to optimize CTR
  • Work closely with our videographer to optimize videos and improve watch time (ex: intros, end cards, etc.)

Social Media Marketing:

  • Strategically repackage weekly content for social media, optimizing it for each social media channel to maximize reach, engagement, and drive leads
  • Design and build custom graphics, audiograms, reels, and other social media assets as needed

Email & Onsite Marketing:

  • Build and manage all weekly email sends; execute a/b tests to optimize open rate, CTR, and CVR.
  • Craft email marketing and website copy as needed for campaigns.
  • Strategically select related and featured content to drive sales and improve engagement.
  • Familiarity with HTML best practices; comfortable with cropping and compressing images for the web.
  • Work with our developer to optimize our onsite blog, improving content organization, tags, category pages, and overall UX.
  • Optimize metadata as needed for SEO

Brand & Product Marketing:

  • Ensure brand consistency across all channels
  • Grow overall brand awareness and help refine the brand voice
  • Actively participate in the launch of subbrands; own and develop both the go-to-market and growth strategy for this product (estimated launch December 2022)


  • Own our Facebook advertising campaigns, optimizing ad creative, targeting, bid strategy, budget, and performance
  • Identify and present new advertising opportunities as needed to drive growth

Marketing Analytics and Reporting:

  • Report, analyze, and evaluate the success of each campaign, using that data to inform the strategy of future campaigns
  • Own and present the monthly growth marketing report; tracking top-KPIs (traffic, leads, and transitions) by channel and evaluating the primary growth drivers.
  • Translate marketing data into clear and actionable next steps to drive continued growth for the company.


In 1 Month You Will:

  • Build productive relationships with research, product, and podcast teams
  • Develop a deep understanding of our omni-channel business
  • Own weekly content responsibilities associated with each weekly (Monday) podcast episode release and each weekly Newsletter (Sunday and Thursday) release
  • Create your 30/60/90 day plan and have achieved your 30-day results
  • Review and oversee KPIs and dashboards as necessary
  • Review YTD and past department reports gaining awareness of previous growth metrics
  • Gain familiarity with the planning and product development schedule for our new product launch targeting winter 2022

In 3 Months You Will:

  • Manage performance marketing budget
  • Execute against new product launch schedule and tasks to ensure a strong launch this winter
  • Determine allocation of spend across all channels as well as testing/validation of new channels and campaigns within channels
  • Partner with agencies and creative team to drive meaningful performance improvements
  • Create a new standard for data-driven decision-making with your team/partners
  • Be a strong thought partner to Finance and Product teams in forecasting and building roadmaps
  • Influence discussion and decisions with chosen agencies and book publishers for the anticipation of Peter's book launch (Q1 2023)

In 6 Months You Will:

  • Manage the social strategy for Peter's book launch and PR outreach (i.e., traditional media, podcast guest spots, TV interviews)
  • Identify a roadmap for continued scaling of acquisition
  • Serve as a thought leader in the organization for all things related to performance marketing
  • Work in strong partnership and connectivity with the podcast and research teams


  • Ability to work directly with creatives, product, and communications teams to partner on campaigns. Able to guide creative input, development, and execution from concept to completion
  • At least 7+ years in digital marketing, with a focus on content marketing
  • Excellent copywriting and proofreading skills
  • Experience managing paid advertising campaigns
  • Experience with email marketing, building and designing email templates, and creating custom workflows
  • Self-directed and excellent organizational skills
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Mailchimp
  • Past success building effective dashboards and reporting to review and draw accurate conclusions and adjust strategy according