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Remote Backend developer (Python)


Anywhere in the World

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Skill Set


Backend Programming

Job Details


As a backend developer, you will implement features to improve the way we run user research. You will develop specific tools that help UX researchers by writing well-tested and readable code. Before writing code, you will write technical design documents on how the problem is going to be solved.

You will work in a small team with a fellow backend developer, a frontend developer, and a designer in a company of twenty people. You will learn about our platform that enables efficient and powerful user research. You are expected to be involved in decision-making on what to develop.

As a team, we value learning and sharing, from each other and from other organizations and people. We use code reviews and pair programming to produce great results. Careful handling of private information is very important to us and we strive to improve it. We work remotely using written, asynchronous communication as a basis.

Tech stack

We use Django as our framework of choice, backed by PostgreSQL with a dash of Redis and Mongo. GraphQL backs our typescript and React frontend application, regular Django template power another application. Heroku is our hosting provider, AWS provides the rest of the needed services. We deploy multiple times a week or even multiple times a day.

Within one month, you will

  • complete the onboarding, meet ferpectionists online, learn about the business
  • work your way through the codebase by pairing with team members
  • fix bugs as a way to understand how the code is structured

Within three months, you will

  • be familiar with the codebase
  • ship your first feature to our users
  • be able to jump in to fix bugs, helping users in the process
  • write technical design documents to share with other developers

Within six months, you will

  • have made a positive impact on our users' experience
  • deliver robust features used on a daily basis by our panel and researchers
  • be comfortable navigating the platform as a whole


  • computer (laptop or desktop)
  • five weeks of holidays
  • once a year a retreat to meet with the rest of the team
  • parental leave

Preferred Experience


  • have 3+ years of experience
  • experience in Python, or a similar language and be willing to learn Python
  • can communicate clearly in English, both in writing and speaking
  • located between UTC-4 and UTC+3 to ease communication with current team members

Recruitment Process

Apply by sending a resume and ask us ten questions, this is a replacement to the cover letter. The next step is to have a phone call with either the CTO or the backend developer. We would then ask for a work sample test. You will have the choice of either completing a test or sending an existing project that demonstrates your ability. This sample test will take no more than three hours. After that would be a round of interviews, talking to four people from other teams. Lastly, our team debriefs and the decision is made regarding a potential offer.