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Fullstack Academy is a top-ranked immersive school for technology skills training. Fullstack offers comprehensive training opportunities across the U.S. and prepares students with the in-demand skills they need to launch fulfilling tech careers.

"Fullstack Academy has been a life-changing experience" is something we hear often and the reason why we come to work everyday. We’re looking for a Part-Time Lead Instructor to take ownership over our cohorts and help transform the lives of our students, and through them, their communities and economies.


As a Lead Instructor at Fullstack Academy, you will scale your impact as a DevOps professional by training the next generation of DevOps talent. You’ll create dynamic learning experiences through deployment of instructional best practices that are student-centered and designed to meet the needs of adult learners. You will motivate and empower the instructional team for your cohort to create engaging, relevant, and transformative student learning experiences that build their knowledge and skills, promote grit, problem-solving and a collaborative learning community. You’ll serve as the cohort captain and point of contact for our dedicated support and administrative staff and collaborate to ensure an exceptional student experience.

This role reports to the Manager of Instructional Teams. Other instructional team members assigned to the cohort report directly to the Lead Instructor.

This is a part-time, remote role, as classes at Fullstack Academy are delivered synchronously and are 100% online. A cohort runs for 26 weeks of instruction, with the weekly part-time commitment is expected to be 18 hours:

  • 2 weeknight sessions per week (either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur, 3 hours each night)
  • 1 Saturday session per week (4 hours)
  • 8 hours of prep, office hours, student communications, team meetings, etc.


In this role you will:

  • Create a positive, professional and inclusive learning environment, by:
    • Teaching select lessons in accordance with learning objectives and fidelity to session plans provided by Fullstack
    • Employing strategies known to meet the needs of adult learners, including leveraging tech tools, instructional best practices and connecting content to the real world by sharing industry insights and professional experiences
    • Providing individualized student support during synchronous class sessions and outside class synchronously during office hours and asynchronously through timely communication
    • Managing regular communication with students to align on progress, expectations, celebrate milestones and address concern areas
    • Identifying, selecting and modifying instructional resources to meet needs of the students with varying backgrounds and experience, including using formative assessments to customize delivery
  • Evaluating student performance and progression toward competencies based on course deliverables and course rubrics, by
    • Creating a personalized experience for the cohort using the provided LMS course instances for the cohort
    • Providing constructive and timely feedback to students in the cohort
    • Creating and managing Performance Action Plans for individual students who need additional support
    • Proactively communicating cohort issues with support staff
  • Serve as a leader and as an ambassador for our brand for students and the instructional team, by:
    • Exhibiting professionalism and an ethical and empathetic approach when engaging with Fullstack staff, students, and the public
    • Managing staff assignments for the cohort, including instructional staffing and scheduling on your cohort, lesson plan implementation, office hours, monitoring student progress, etc.
    • Using data to inform instructional team approaches designed to promote student competence and confidence, retention, satisfaction, and overall student success in the program
    • Encouraging teamwork, promote consistency and lead the instructional team by modeling fairness, commitment to outcomes and a solutions-focused mindset
    • Managing regular communication with the instructional team to align on expectations, celebrate milestones and address concern areas.


You are a great candidate if you have:

  • 2+ years experience DevOps work experience
  • 2+ years of experience working on AWS
  • Experience working with linux networking, python, java, or terraform
  • A passion for DevOps and a desire to impact lives and take ownership over the overall student and business outcomes for a cohort
  • Exceptional and engaging teaching skills - particularly when it comes to complex technical information
  • Proven team leadership experience with evidence of success as a motivator of people and a driver of outcomes
  • Ability to diagnose needs and adjust leadership style (directing, supporting, coaching, delegating) accordingly
  • Successful track record of translating data and performance metrics to actions
  • A history of choosing a path of integrity

You’re an exceptional candidate for this role if you also have:

  • Are an AWS Academy Accredited Educator for at least one AWS Academy course, especially:
    • AWS Academy Cloud Architecting
    • AWS Academy Cloud Developing
    • AWS Academy Cloud Operations
  • Have 1 or more AWS certifications, especially:
    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
    • AWS Certified Developer - Associate
    • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
  • Have experience teaching in an immersive "bootcamp" type of environment or continuing education style classes

Part-Time Lead Instructors are hourly, non-exempt employees and can expect to work approximately 18 hours per week and should not exceed expected hours without manager approval.

Colorado Equal Pay For Equal Work Act disclosure:

The expected compensation for this role for candidates from Colorado is $45-$48 per hour for candidates who fulfill the qualifications for the role.