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β€‹πŸ€” Why are we opening this position?

​GitBook is a modern documentation platform. Our ambition is to empower teams through a new document standard, suited for modern work and collaboration. GitBook is now used by over 1.5M users and thousands of teams such as Adobe, Netflix, Decathlon, or Google and backed by top partners such as P9 Capital, Notion Capital and Fly VC.

We're currently working on a next product step to redefine "core team work" and with this in mind we're looking for an Engineering Manager to help us build out our processes, support and grow our engineers, and help us deliver quality software.

As our first Engineering Manager, you will be a key participant in setting the tone for our management practice. You will also have the opportunity to hire new engineers, support the organization as it scales, and grow along with the company. This role will present a unique opportunity to be creative and ambitious in your day-to-day work.

πŸ™‹ What will you be doing ?
  • Helping us in our challenging mission to craft rewarding relationships between our product and our users
  • Growing and supporting the careers of your direct reports
  • Establishing measurable goals, both at the team and individual level
  • Collaborating and creating alignment between engineering and other functionsβ€Œ
  • Identifying gaps where additional staff are needed, hiring engineers and iterating on our hiring process
  • Ensuring quality within engineering by striving for continuous improvement and making success measurable
  • Designing and managing processes to support the success of a global remote team

πŸ™Œ You will be valued for
  • Ability to understand, evaluate, and support the work of your direct reports
  • Proficiency translating strategy and large initiatives into actionable work for your team
  • Ability to empower your team through delegation, enabling team success and individual growth
  • Experience managing remote or distributed teams
  • Desire to work in the open, share context, and communicate honestly, directly and proactively
  • A product-oriented mindset: the desire to deliver value to our users
  • Knowledge of our general technology stack

πŸ›  How we work
  • Engineering defines success as our ability to rapidly and continuously deliver a high volume of meaningful value to users.
  • We are an async, distributed organization that focuses on end-to-end participation in the crafting and delivering of value as part of a larger Product Delivery team that includes Product, Design, and Support.
  • Work is managed through 2 week cycles based on an experiment using Kanban methodologies and a reliance on managing flow rather than the people. Retros and kickoffs are done async.
  • The culture is based on working agreements, experiments, and core organization values: lead through ownership, deliver value continuously, operate in the open, bias to document, keep it simple, and be rigorous.
  • Experimentation is core to engineering at GitBook and owned at every level. It extends to processes, technical work, culture, communication, and more. These experiments are created, documented, owned, and agreed to by the team.
β€‹β€‹βœ¨ What's next ?

First, we will take the time to review your application and we will get back to you within a week, regardless of our decision.

Here's what our process looks like:
1. Discovery call with our Head of Engineering, to ensure there is a correlation between GitBook's expectations, the role and your own expectations. [30 minutes]
2. A technical interview with two members of our engineering team, where we will explore examples from your prior work and role play some tech-focused scenarios.[45 minutes]
3. Cross-team interview with Product and Support to discuss how you work and communicate across functions [45 minutes]
4. A written "take-home" exercise where we will ask you to present your thoughts and suggestions on issues we've faced at GitBook. You will have the opportunity to do discovery by communicating with the team through Slack and short one-off calls. [~4 hours of compensated work, to be returned within one week].
5. The last discussion will be an opportunity to meet with Samy (co-founder) to learn more about GitBook history, ambition and culture, followed by a conversation with Patrick (Head of Engineering) to answer any remaining questions and gain alignment. [15-30 minutes each]

Learn more:

πŸ‘₯Every single team member is a value addition to our culture, so it's important for us to state our company values and our organization values:
- Lead through ownership
- Deliver value continuously
- Operate in the openBias to document
- Keep it simple

πŸ‘ While joining GitBook, you will also appreciate our Perks & Benefits.