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Digital UX Video Specialist


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Remote Digital UX Video Specialist needs creative agency or within a creative department experience

Remote Digital UX Video Specialist requires:

  • Ø Previous experience with an creative agency or within a creative department desired
  • Ø 3 Years Required; 5 Years Preferred
  • Ø University (Degree), Preferred
  • Ø Have strong technical skills and experience with Adobe Creative Suite video editing software, including After Effects, Premier, and Audition.
  • Ø Strong storytelling and storyboarding skills to create concise and compelling narratives, particularly for videos less than 2 minutes in duration.
  • Ø Technical skills and experience designing and incorporating motion and animation within videos
  • Ø Experience formatting and distributing video content across social media platforms

Remote Digital UX Video Specialist duties:

  • Ø Develop short promotional videos and vignettes promoting various digital technologies and digital customer experiences.
  • Ø Collaborate with Digital Product Management teams and User Experience Leads to develop concise and compelling storyboards targeting videos under 2 minutes in duration.
  • Ø Assemble and edit digital assets and artifacts, including screenshots, images, and sound.
  • Ø Coordinate with Digital Product, Sales, and Marketing teams for distribution and hosting of video content across multiple platforms, including social media.
  • Ø Apply your creative expertise and strong technical skills to produce short and engaging videos that help showcase digital products and experiences.
  • Ø Make an impact and tell stories through video, and be a key player who understands the impact video can make on our brand and for our company.