Remote Product Engineer, Frontend & Mobile (Angular)


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Frontend Programming

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Hospitable's customers - short-term rental hosts - rely on us to deliver personalized guest experiences at scale in our core platform, consisting of the Inbox, Calendar, Guest Experience, Operations, and Apps sets of features.

Additionally, our next big best is "Direct": a separately, independently-billed product that allows short-term rental hosts to create beautiful direct booking websites in seconds. The sites are automatically populated with existing listing information and photos and are deeply integrated with our core platform's features.

All of this is made available to Hospitable's customers through our web app and mobile apps.

Our remote-first, fully distributed team is now looking for a Front-end and Mobile focused Product Engineer to increase momentum in our ability to ship user-facing features and improvements.

What you will be working on

You will be part of the product and engineering team, expanding our "Frontend Team" of 1 😏 to improve and maintain the user interfaces of our core platform, Direct, mobile apps, and support center.

  • Partner with product, sales, customer success, and other engineers to develop and ship features that solve the right problems.
  • Add your voice to product shaping discussions, ship new core platform features 0→1, and iterate based on customer feedback.
  • Use your software engineering chops to build magical user experiences, which are both simple for customers to use and simple for other engineers to understand and maintain.
  • Implement and use observability tooling, including Sentry and LogRocket, to track and debug post-deployment.
  • Seek out and remedy performance/resource issues and feature bugs that have the most impact on business operations and customer experience.
  • Provide input on how the frontend codebase can be structured for better maintainability and collaboration.
  • Contribute and maintain Storybook components.


Hospitable.com is a remote-only and distributed company. For this position, your location is not a requirement. The ideal fit could work under European or American timezones.

If you're hesitant to apply for this position because you feel that you don't meet this list of qualifications fully, don't worry! We want to hear from you.

  • Substantial experience with Angular, Flex, RxJS, and Material.
  • The mentality of "Code is a means, not an end."
  • Your compass points toward customer and business value.
  • You think in terms of customer experience and user journeys.
  • Everything else is a lovely bonus that we're excited to hear about!


The company itself is also a product, one that we iterate on. We're always improving and creating an environment where we all love to work.

  • A supportive and caring team environment, where you are trusted, not managed.
  • Competitive compensation, slightly adapted to your location. For this role, the maximum cash compensation according to our salary grid is $170,662 (for a candidate based in a high-cost-of-life city such as San Francisco or New York).
  • We want to offer options into the company equity through our $HOST token. When this can be implemented, the grant contemplated for this position would be $96,709 (not tied to location).
  • 35 days off per year, encouraged (including self-serve public holidays) and parental leave.
  • Mental-health and emotional support with therapists on call through Slack.