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About How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm

How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm is a fast-growing and highly entrepreneurial business management, personal development and coaching company, specializing in solo and small law firms. Inc. Magazine has named How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm to its list of the 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States every year since 2015. We've also been named by Inc as one of the "Best Places To Work".

We are very much a “start-up” with a fast-paced growth focused environment. Working with us can prove to be the best job you ever had or the most frustrating depending on your flexibility, team-spirit, commitment to our clients and your realistic expectations about what it's like to work in a fast-paced growing business.

About the Position

You will function as a practice management advisor, coach, confidant, leader, guide and mentor for up to 30 owners of solo law firms who are already enrolled in our program(s). You will be part of a team consisting of yourself and up to two other team members who serve as the Fractional C-Suite for our clients to help them address different parts of their business.

Owners of large law firms have the benefit of a Managing Partner (or Chief Executive Officer) or a Chief Operating Officer (among others), to drive the creation, review and continual improvement of the law firm's business plan, marketing strategy, financial controls and systems development efforts.

Solo and small law firm owners benefit greatly when we provide them with similar assistance by providing them with the strategic direction and accountability they need to drive the growth of their firm, then help them build the infrastructure to accommodate that growth as well. We provide that assistance by having members of our team serve as their outside CEO or COO.

It will be your job to lead this team as the Fractional Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Fractional Chief Operations Officer (COO) for our clients. You will be the primary guide for our clients to help them navigate our curriculum, ascending up and through our various programs, which guide a solo law firm from start-up to 7 figures of revenue.

More specifically, it will be your job to use our methods combined with your own life-experience, creativity and intelligence to understand and help each of our clients reach the next stage of their law firm's growth.

  • Fractional CEO Role: If your background and experience best lend itself to you serving in the role of a Fractional CEO for our clients, your principal role will be to hold the client's business plan in your hand. You will help them create a written business plan and marketing plan designed to drive the growth and profitability of their firm for the next 18 months, then give them the focus, direction & accountability to work that plan, one step at a time, to bring it into fruition. As the team leader of the client's Fractional C-Suite, you will also coordinate the efforts of the client's Fractional COO & Fractional CFO to help build out the systems and financial controls that serve as an integral part of the business plan and strategy for growth.
  • Fractional COO Role: If your background and experience best lend itself to you serving in the role of a Fractional COO for our clients, your principal role will be to help clients build their infrastructure and understand the best practices for running a law firm. You will help them design systems and create policies and procedures that empower them to standardize their firm's operations and hire an A+ team that will help them create a true business (vs. a mere practice) that's bigger than they are. As part of this, you will help them break free of the mindset of a typical legal technician and start to see the world more clearly as a true entrepreneur and manager.

When they tell you they don't have time to work the plan, or that basic marketing principals don't apply to their specific law firm for some reason, it will be your job to coach them through those excuses and help them remove the roadblocks that are standing between where they are now and where they need to be.

As part of this job, you will measure assigned-client-progress and hold assigned clients accountable for taking positive actions in the direction of their stated goals. Your compensation will be positively affected by the success of our clients assigned to you.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provide individual coaching to your assigned client load of up to 30 attorneys who each receive strategic check-in call every week.
  • Respond to phone calls from clients in less than 24 hours M-F
  • Respond to emails from clients in less than 24 hours M-F
  • Review client discussion forum M-F and post as appropriate
  • Participate in training and development calls as scheduled to improve your skill set, share your skill set and be able to deliver the same message to the client base as intended in the company curriculum.
  • Keep detailed notes on your coaching contacts with clients to document their progress, issues, advice, etc. and use our software program to document this in case you get hit by a bus just like you would want if another member of the team got hit by a bus and it was you that had to take over their caseload
  • Provide reports on the progress of your assigned clients to your Lead Coach.
  • Make available coaching times for clients that will include some after 5pm time slots to accommodate client needs especially clients in different time zones.
  • Contribute to the knowledge base of the firm including any or all of the following: write an article, develop a tool or system to share with the clients, create a process, document an explanation, conduct a lesson by teleconference, perform an interpretive dance, etc. (We welcome and encourage creativity – just contribute.)
  • Lead/facilitate/participate in group conference calls/webinars as requested from time to time in areas you have particular expertise

Collaborating within a distributed workforce

This is a remote/virtual position. Other than our live quarterly team meetings (discussed below) this job can be done from your home office. With that said, while a virtual environment lends itself to a great deal of flexibility and efficiencies that are highly prized by most members of our team, this is a very full-time job – requiring over 40 hours per week (often 50 hours per week, for many on our team) for the average Management Advisor to execute successfully.

Each quarter our firm hosts a conference for our members (with hundreds in attendance at each event) at an upscale hotel in locations that rotate across the country. You will be expected to attend these meetings each quarter to maintain close connections with the clients assigned to you, keep yourself apprised of what we are teaching them, and learn all the inside jokes and nuances that keep this community of highly entrepreneurial lawyers tightly bound.

You will also be expected to attend weekly team meetings by videoconference for ongoing training, education and to discuss and hear being discussed any “problem cases” you need to remain aware of, and engage in reporting and other conference calls with the other members of the team to keep us all in the loop and ensure each of our clients feels the benefits of having a true collaborative team on their side.


  • You should have practical, hands-on experience with the start-up, management and growth of a small business, preferably a small law firm.
  • Ideally, you have already read and are a big fan of “The E-myth Revisited”
  • You must be able to demonstrate credible evidence that you are a person who is capable of helping another human being to do what they probably don't want to do, in order to accomplish what they really do want to accomplish.
  • Experience systemizing a business in terms of Marketing, Sales, Production, People, Physical Plant, Metrics and Money.

To get a flavor for the type of professional backgrounds that make it through our hiring process and come to work with us, check out the bios of some of our existing team members at https://howtomanageasmalllawfi... this job can be performed remotely, this is a full-time, six-figure, salaried W-2 position within How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm. Your compensation will be based on the number of clients you are coaching and how you help them perform, with target compensation being between $110,000 to $140,000 plus full medical and 401K. Opportunities to carve out bonuses and promotion opportunities within the organization to increase your salary above $140,000 are also possible over time.


Submitting an application should be straightforward using the "Apply Now" button. Please note - if you have applied in one location, you should not apply in other locations. Doing this will not increase your chances of being hired, or seen. Rather, it requires us to delete all of your additional applications. So, the best way to respect your time and ours is to apply once only. You'll know you are in our system when you receive an email with the next steps from Renee Cheatham, who handles much of our recruiting here at How to Manage a Small Law Firm.

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