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We need a smart, curious and independent Payroll Specalist to help us revolutionize the future of small business.

Running a small business is hard. Often the person running a small business is highly skilled in the service they provide, but not so skilled in the running of an actual business. You're an amazing chef, but don't know how to run payroll. You're a talented gardener but you don't know how to predict cash flow. And why should you? Time is short, the learning curve is way too high, your bank talks at you like you've got an MBA and the chance of failure is always huge. In fact 45% of small businesses fail within the first five years of being founded.

We want to change that.

huumans is a modern tech-first accountancy and bookkeeping start-up with zero aspirations to build a social network to rival Linkedin or bolt a bad version of TikTok into QuickBooks. Instead, we want to build something truly unique which is actually useful to real people every day. This means providing small businesses with the best customer experience imaginable, educating and empowering owners to help them be better, and protecting their accounts and assets like they’re our own.

This is where you come in.

We’re looking for a Payroll Specialist who has seen a lot of action. You know that the biggest dealbreaker in business is people getting paid on time. You know that not much else matters on the last day of the month and you're the one with the finger on the button. You know that's your responsibility, and you have a solid reputation of keeping things on rails no matter what the weather. You know how to work with Bookkeepers and other Technologists and you know that team work makes the dream work. You're the person people go to when they need a steady hand and a no-stress response. You've got war stories to tell, know the right path to take in any drama and know how to bring an entire team along with you.

From day one you will be talking to real clients about real payroll problems and trying to solve them in real time. You’ll jump between the worlds best cloud accounting platforms and payroll platforms, making the numbers work, advising what needs to be advised, paying what needs to be paid. You’ll be the daily touch-stone to real business founders who will turn to you for help when they need it most and will make decisions based on your solutions and strategies. You'll be the specialist supporting a team of generalists who will hang on your every word, and you know how to make those words count.


This isn't your first rodeo, and payroll is in your blood - so you’ll need at least 2 years experience of fast-paced bookkeeping or corporate environments running payroll, with a chunk of that time having been spent mentoring others or imparting your dark arts. Time in the seat though matters less to us than the talent and ability to just get sh*t done and that you're be incredibly reliable, personable and loveable in equal amounts.

You'll know payroll and everything that touches it inside out, upside down and back to front. You know how things escalate, how to deescalate them and make good.

You know the ins and outs, pain points and high explosives in any payroll system. You've had to diffuse many of these complex time-bombs in the past and you have stories to tell.

You’ll be working with bleeding edge technology, so you’ll need to have solid knowledge of online / cloud based accounting software such as Wave, Xero and Quickbooks, along with payroll providers like Wagepoint. Even better if you’ve used project management or client management software before.

You’ll be dealing with real people every day. Everyone at huumans talks with clients directly, so you’ll need people skills, a love of helping people and the patience to solve difficult human problems.

You’ll be able to learn but also to progress. Progression usually happens through critique and discussion. You’ll be able to do this in a structured and supportive environment and you’ll be excited to learn, do, improve and progress, and you'll be happy to lead critiques with your team in a blame-free environment.

You’ll embrace what remote working has to offer. We offer a free environment to do your best work in the surroundings that suit you - but you’ll understand that with that environment comes the need to communicate at our best, be endlessly independent and always be accountable.

You’ll thrive in an environment where curiosity, ownership and responsibility are a given. We offer all the support you’ll ever need, but everyone is responsible for the work they do, their successes and their failures. As a company we embrace ownership as a form of self-empowerment through constant learning.

You’ll appreciate agility and efficiency. We’ll provide agile training and coaching, but the ethos of agile is the foundation of everything we do. We work as efficiently as we can to produce the best outcomes possible - and we constantly learn from our mistakes.

You'll need to be a resident of Canada when applying for this role.


Top 20% industry remuneration with the option of equity. That means that the ownership you take day-to-day in your role also translates to actual ownership in the company itself.

A 100% remote environment where you can work from wherever suits you, with the tools you need when you need them.

Mentorship, support and coaching to everyone, whenever it is needed.

A structured career path that you control.

A commitment to a progressive, accessible, equal, transparent and positive working environment for all.

Good benefits, from physical health to mental health and beyond.

Generous, flexible vacation days - we believe that everyone should take ownership and responsibility over their own time - and when they do they work at their best.

Progressive and flexible maternity / paternity / childcare options - we offer everyone the same flexible maternity, paternity or childcare options regardless of their family set up.

Don’t tick all the boxes? Feel you’ve got something to offer but it’s not quite listed? Let us know! We’re always interested in hearing from amazing people. Reach out to us at [email protected]