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Kumu is a small but mighty team building tools to tackle tough problems. We are bootstrapped and profitable, which gives us the luxury to focus our efforts on more niche use cases that make a meaningful difference in the world. We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our team. Our current products include:

Kumu - our flagship data viz platform that helps people understand complex relationships, primarily through network, systems, and stakeholder maps.

Sticky Studio - a collaborative whiteboard that focuses on simplicity while supporting the depth and richness of the interconnected nature of the challenges we face.

Undercurrent - a platform that crowdsources understanding of complex systems through identification of root causes and relationships

Weavr- a community engagement platform that maximizes the impact of networks by building shared awareness of people, projects, and relationships

You'd be involved throughout the entire development process, from initial brainstorms and sketching to final stages of testing and release. We use a 6 week cycle, with 4 weeks of more structured effort followed by 2 weeks of more flexible downtime. We care about supporting each other as human beings and making sure work is a meaningful part of your life, but not all encompassing (or leading to burnout).

Stack: react, rails, typescript

Bonus points for experience with: tdd, graphs/networks, couchdb, elasticsearch, cloudformation, ubuntu, docker, bash, webpack/babel, aws, vmware/virtualbox, packer

You're probably a great fit if:
  • You're a talented web developer (both frontend and backend)
  • You work well setting your own priorities and working with lots of freedom
  • You've built and maintained a complex library, single page web app, or product
  • You care about design and UX and can implement new features without guidance
  • You aren't afraid to get your hands dirty with VMs, linux, shell scripting, networking, and a parallel product release cycle (for our Enterprise offering of Kumu)

If you're interested, please send an email to careers@kumu.io including the following:
  • Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you? Where do you come from?
  • Tell us about a project you've worked on that you're proud of
  • Include links where we could learn more about you professionally and personally (website/github/twitter/medium/instagram/etc)
  • Include a recent photo of you doing something that you love
  • Tell us why you're excited to work for Kumu

Experienced developers only. Generic applications will be ignored. Thanks!