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Job Details

  • We are looking for a trustworthy, focused, communicative team member to help us grow our engineering team, particularly in the mobile/front end space. This position will be responsible for developing high end software products working in agile teams on behalf of our clients. Lofty is a consultancy that builds data heavy applications for customers in the Engineering, Agriculture, and Energy industries.
  • If you like an exciting remote workplace with passionate client-success-focused doers who deliver quality work to help our clients succeed, then this is the job for you.

Skills and Requirements

  • Qualified candidates would have 3+ years experience developing software for mobile applications, the web browser and related ecosystems. Preferred experience would include using React, React Native. Exceptional candidates would also have familiarity with Python backend systems, particularly Django.
  • Candidates should be capable of creating well-defined tasks based on project architectures and completing them with a high degree of quality, while balancing pragmatism and productivity. Career advancement as a Software Engineer at lofty will involve taking on tasks of higher complexity within the organization, functioning as technical leads on new projects and working daily with the team to develop their professional abilities.


  • 3+ years professional experience in web/mobile application development
  • Javascript (minimum 3+ years experience)
  • React Native (minimum 2+ years experience)
  • Experience with both Rest APIs and GraphQL
  • Practical experience of iOS and Android app deployment procedures. (Store deployment, Enterprise deployment, certificates, provisioning profiles)
  • Knowledge of common tools used in the wider React ecosystem, such as Node.js.
  • An understanding of common programming paradigms and fundamental React principles, such as React components, hooks, and the React lifecycle
  • Strong knowledge of Git
  • Experience with data intensive architectures and software
  • Experience working in an Agile/Scrum environment
  • Strong knowledge of data structures, software design patterns, relational and non-relational databases

Preferred (but not required) Qualifications

  • Experience with building and maintaining Python/Django applications
  • Experience with building and maintaining Vue application


  • Implement architected systems and logic and serve as technical leader on projects.
  • Take personal responsibility for project deadlines and technical commitments to our Product Owners.
  • Continued education/training.
  • Mentoring your peers on the engineering team

This is the stuff we love to use:

  • Python, Django, Django Rest Framework
  • PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
  • Vue.js (Web apps)
  • React Native (Mobile apps)
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, Amazon Web Services

About Lofty

  • Lofty is a client services consultancy that creates custom software applications that operationalize emerging technology like AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Our vision is to be leaders in bringing domain knowledge to life through software, enabling experts to empower their colleagues to do bigger and better things.
  • We are a growth company focused on producing world-class functional software for the advancement of the world through tools that matter. We focus our areas of practice on Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Agriculture, Energy, Renewables, and Electric Vehicles. This has allowed us to build a team of experts who can provide invaluable support to our portfolio of clients.

Life @ Lofty

  • Remote Team - Our brilliant team of engineers and operations support staff is spread across several states. We believe people get their best work done from where they want to work. That can be our nice new office in downtown Fayetteville Arkansas, a code shed in your backyard, or the back of your RV in a national park. If you can show up for meetings and get your work done, we don’t worry about where you’re working from (but we will ask for pics if it’s really cool).
  • Client Services - We talk about this A LOT. We work with amazing clients in really exciting industries. They’re the boss. Our entire organization is composed around the reality that we must excel at meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Anyone can build software, we help our clients and partners build the right software.
  • Minor Travel - We understand how valuable your time is. We promise we won’t abuse it. There will be a minimal amount of all-hands, client on-sites, and conferences we attend each year, and we’ll make sure to have them planned well in advance. Plus, they’ll be fun.
  • Schedule - Take your dog for a walk over lunch, get that dental follow up scheduled, make time for school drop off. We all have rhythm and pacing to our lives, if you’re producing great work, supporting your teammates, making all meetings and engagements, and getting your hours in, you won't hear any complaints from us.
  • Compensation - Lofty offers competitive compensation and benefits, including matching retirement, sponsored medical, work from home stipends, and generous time off.