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Management and Finance

Job Details

Lunario Media is seeking an adaptable, innovative, and community-focused leader to serve as its next CEO.

The CEO will build trust and extend the breadth and depth of Lunario Media's reach, while building a diverse team of high-performers. Acting as a ‘Chief Mobilizer', the CEO will leverage the power of relationships, networks, and working across private, public, and corporate sectors. Inspired by a genuine passion to build something new and innovative, the CEO will develop a clear vision for Lunario Media in partnership with the Board of Directors. A key to success in this role will be skillfully balancing a wide array of interests and needs. They will be responsible for developing an equitable and thoughtful approach to program management, strategic initiatives, staff management, partnerships, fundraising, and external relations.

The CEO will play a key role in contributing to the implementation and operationalization of Lunario Media's strategic vision. They will bring transformational and adaptable leadership to all areas of Lunario Media, including operations, financial performance, talent, and culture. As a guiding force, this executive will expand funding streams, strengthen community relationships, and elevate Lunario Media's brand.

Keys For Success Include:

  • Designing and implementing a 3-5 year plan for organizational and audience growth for an early stage digital news and information platform
  • Serve and collaborate as a thought partner to evaluate and implement the strategic vision and identify key initiatives for Lunario Media.
  • Define and communicate the value proposition of Lunario Media, enhancing its relevancy and increasing brand awareness, influence, and impact.
  • Support the financial viability of Lunario Media, including growing and maintaining strong relationships, developing new innovative methods of fundraising, and engaging the next generation of donors.
  • Deepen and maintain a culture of trust, equity, and credibility, internally at Lunario Media and externally within the community and partners.
  • Build a strong reputation for Lunario Media as a convener and influencer. Foster collaboration with the community at-large on critical issues.
  • Represent Lunario Media in the business, donor, nonprofit, government, and additionally relevant communities.
  • Lead, attract, develop, and retain a diverse team of high-performing staff


The CEO of Lunario Media will possess the following attributes and competencies:

A Strategic and Adaptable Leader

The CEO will be a forward-looking ‘big picture thinker' who is skilled at leading complex organizations, setting new heights for Lunario while building upon existing momentum. They will be successful at planning and implementation to ensure that day-to-day operations are aligned with strategic goals while also being nimble, adaptable, and innovative in response to emerging needs. They will be passionate about leading high-performing teams to achieve measurable outcomes while guiding organizational growth and development of staff.

A Champion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The CEO will embrace the significant role Lunario Media can play in addressing barriers to the achievement of elevating a diverse set of voices that speak to a broad set of interest, while grounding in the power and well-being of the Latino community. This leader will be dedicated to listening, learning, and amplifying the voices of all. They will have a rich understanding that the community is best served when diversity, equity, and inclusion is prioritized and embedded into organizational structures, culture, programs, and processes. Additionally, they help to develop a team that reflects the diversity of the communities Lunario Media serves.

A Relationship Builder

The CEO will be emotionally intelligent, skilled at convening, listening to, and seeking to understand the perspectives of a variety of constituents to establish trust, inspire new ideas, build effective relationships, and achieve ambitious goals. They will have a natural ability to foster collaboration among individuals and groups with varying opinions and priorities under a common goal while also giving everyone a sense of shared purpose and engagement in the work of Lunario Media. They will also be able to set direction, challenge others, and bring people to the table to engage in difficult conversations when necessary for the greater good. An influential communicator, they will also be comfortable and skilled at engaging the media and a wide range of audiences.

A Skilled Fundraiser

The CEO will be a skilled fundraiser who can enthusiastically define and convey the relevance of Lunario Media's work to existing and new funding sources. In close collaboration with leadership support staff, this leader will be exceptional at exploring new ways to comprehensively invest in the community. As the chief fundraiser for the organization, they will bring a keen understanding of the changing landscape of philanthropy and will work across the aisle to bring people together towards a common goal. An effective storyteller, they will be able to tie the investments to the outcomes in a compelling way. The CEO will exude an authentic, confident, and humble spirit enabling them to represent Lunario Media with a wide range of donors, including corporate leaders, foundations, community partners, elected officials, and government agencies.

A Passion for the Mission

Above all, the CEO will be energized by leading Lunario Media in living out its values and achieving its mission and vision. They will be passionate about cementing Lunario Media into a clear leadership role among organizations and community partners alike while collaboratively addressing systemic opportunities facing the Latino community. They will be an empathetic leader that focuses on deeply understanding their constituents and the community that they serve. They will understand how empowering the community through culture, entertainment, and analysis can enhance and reflect an identity that is joyful, informed, and expansively Latino.

Minimum Qualifications

● 7-10 years of senior or executive-level management experience leading an organization or a team of diverse staff through organizational growth ideally within media, digital media, news, entertainment or a closely aligned field with digital presence.

● Extensive experience in short, mid-long term planning, including multi-million dollar financial/budgetary oversight

● Experienced public speaker with keen listening skills and an ability to underscore needs and message delivery based on diverse audience groups

● Deep understanding of the intersection between politics, media, and the Latino community

● Demonstrated history, knowledge, or curiosity about the Latino audience, media trends, and research

● Demonstrated history and commitment towards Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

● Experience with designing and implementing business strategies and flexible to iteration and innovation

Preferred Qualifications

● 10+ years of senior or executive-level management, demonstrating extensive experience leading an organization or a team of diverse staff through organizational growth within media, digital media, news, entertainment

● Extensive history of positive relationships established within media, digital news, entertainment or closely aligned field

● Previous experience within start-up organization or within significant restructuring of an organization requiring visionary leadership

● Demonstrated familiarly or comfort with politics, specifically progressive advocacy

● Bilingual (Spanish/English)

Compensation & Benefits

This is a fully remote, full-time position with a competitive salary range of $204k-$250k. This salary range represents a good faith estimate of what Lunario Media may pay for the position at the time of posting. Lunario Media may ultimately pay more, or less, than the posted compensation range. The salary offered to the selected candidate will be determined based on factors such as budget availability, market information, and commensurate with the selected candidates' experience.