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MELON is a metaverse studio powerhouse, setting the new standard for games, virtual experiences, concerts, and virtual goods through original properties and collaborations across the biggest partnerships in sports, music, fashion, Film/TV, youth products and more. They are at the cutting edge of development on the Roblox.
Job Description

As a Concept Artist, you'll be working with our creative, marketing, and game design teams to design concept imagery for our marketing material, original games, and brand properties. You should have a strong ability to convey your ideas and thoughts through visual mediums, as well as be able to respond positively to constructive criticism and feedback (both client and internal). At MELON, we believe everyone's ideas are critical to our projects' success, so your thoughts and ideas will carry a lot of weight in regard to what we choose to pursue. You should be well rounded, as our requests may require experience in character, creature, or environmental design. We're not expecting top-tier skills in all categories, but being proficient to advanced in all three is very important.

  • Create quick and detailed drawings and paintings of environments, characters, buildings, vehicles, and props (including the creation of thumbnails and wireframes)
  • Use traditional and technological approaches to create designs in 2D and 3D through drawing and painting
  • Efficiently interpret briefs
  • Explain and pitch your ideas clearly to the client and design team
  • Respond positively to client feedback
  • Adapt and refine your work based on client response
  • Maintain good communication with the client
  • Be confident using creative programs and technologies e.g. Photoshop, Maya, Painter and SketchUp
  • Research topics and information for points of reference and ideas to use in your designs
  • Create specification sheets, accurately noting dimensions and details for others to follow
  • Meet strict deadlines.
  • 3+ Years Working With Adobe Suite, Maya, Manga Studio, or similar.
  • Deep understanding of 2D art fundamentals
  • Ability to design basic and complex 2D assets in various art styles
  • Ability to work alongside other 2D artists, and game designers
  • Ability to fluently communicate in English via Text and Voice
  • Ability to problem-solve and communicate problems.
  • Ability to stay on-schedule and manage your own time.
Not Required, but Bonuses

Experience working with Basecamp, Notion, or GSuite

Experience working on Roblox

Experience with vector artwork

Experience creating animated 2D artwork