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5 to 10 years



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Legal Counsel

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About the role

Contract Management

  • Design and implement contract management process from clients’ request for proposal to contract close-out.
  • Design and implement subcontract management process to ensure budget and commercial compliance, contractual compliance, performance evaluation and close-out.
  • Centralised collection and record keeping of all contractual documents including RFQs/RFPs, Tenders, Bulletins, Clarifications, pre and post contract communications, Contracts, Amendments, Variation Orders, Purchase Orders, Claims, Disputes, Notices, Certificate of Completion/Acceptance and Performance Evaluations.
  • Develop a contract risk register to ensure identification of risks and reporting of risk management contingencies.
  • Create internal awareness about company contract management processes and ensure stakeholders’ following of these processes.

Commercial Policies

  • Contribute to the development and execution of commercial policies that minimise potential contractual risks, liabilities to counterparties or losses and benefit company’s business continuity, relationships, reputation and financial performance.
  • Prepare and implement a standard for the acceptance of client’s terms and conditions.
  • Prepare, implement and improve company’s standard terms and conditions for provision of consultancy services.
  • Develop a system for collecting subcontractor/agent information and due diligence screening.
  • Prepare, implement and improve company’s standard terms and conditions for subcontracting of consultancy services.
  • Prepare, implement and improve company’s standard terms and conditions for agents, licensing of software, confidentiality agreements, minutes of understanding etc.
  • Create internal awareness about company commercial policies and ensure stakeholders’ understanding of the relevant terms and conditions.

Preparation, Review, Negotiation and Finalisation of Contract Documents

  • Prepare, review, negotiate and finalise all kinds of contract documents e.g. Client Agreements, Subcontract Agreements, NDAs, POs, VOs, LOIs, MoUs etc.
  • Review tender or contract documents and analyse and interpret contract requirements, liabilities and risk exposure.
  • Provide opinion or advice to the proposal/project teams and management about clarifications, amendments, changes or risks of contractual significance. 
  • Liaise with proposal teams for the development of the commercial proposals.
  • Attend meetings or communications with the counterparties (e.g. clients, subcontractors) to discuss, clarify and negotiate contractual matters.
  • Ensure applicable prime contract flow-downs are identified, addressed, and included in the corresponding subcontracts.
  • Manage contract close-outs and release of retained monies or bank guarantees.
  • Management of legal counsel support when and where required.

Compliance with the Contract Documents

  • Ensure company or company counterparties’ compliance with the conditions of the contract documents and identify, report and correct non-conformities.
  • Managing company’s business insurances.

Ideal candidate

  • Education: Minimum Bachelor’s in Law, Philosophy, English Language/Literature, History, Business, Arts or Engineering.
  • Excellent logical analysis, reasoning and deduction abilities.
  • Critical thinking and ability to take on calculated risk.
  • Excellent understanding of FIDIC White Book and oil and gas EPC/engineering contract conditions.
  • Good understanding of the English law and civil law.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Excellent organisation and time management skills.
  • A team player, strong sense of responsibility, proactive and able to work under minimum supervision.
  • Minimum 5 years of work experience in EPC or engineering contract or subcontract management position in EPC or operator companies.
  • Proficient in Adobe Acrobat Reader/DC, Microsoft Word and Excel.

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