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Here's the summary:

  • At Mibo we're on a mission to provide groups of people who are remote with the experience of being together.
  • We're an experienced team having build products, games and businesses, backed by investors to make our mission reality.
  • We love doing great work, leveraging the focus and flexibility that working remote gives us. (For example by moving working hours around to work-out during the day or pick up our kids from school to spend our time as good as possible.)
  • We offer a salary in the range of €45 – 70K, a team open to your product ideas & game architecture knowledge, plus the option to pick up some frontend- and backend development if you'd like to.

Tech stack overview

Mibo world is created in Unity with all game logic implemented in C#. We compile it to web-assembly and embed it in our frontend which is written in TypeScript using Vue.js and Firestore. The frontend and 3D world are communicating with each other through a JavaScript bridge to integrate the video conferencing part of Mibo. The backend consist of Firebase Functions also written in TypeScript.

What you will be working on

As a software engineer focussed on game development you'll be working on many different parts of our product. Some examples:

  • New games and interactives in our Mibo world such as chess, pool table and escape room like experiences.
  • Connect our Mibo worlds together into one big Miboverse so users can easily discover more of Mibo.
  • Optimise our multiplayer setup so we can host more participants in one space.
  • Improve the Unity/C# architecture to improve reliability (introducing types & tests), splitting up components to make reusable building blocks.

Our ideal candidate

  • Has extensive (5 years ±) experience with Unity and C#.
  • Has experience with multiplayer networking setups (like Photon).
  • Cares a lot about high quality, readable code using best practices and architecture patterns.
  • Is able to balance optimisation versus execution speed.
  • Is autonomous, able to independently pick up work and is not afraid to ask for help when needed.
  • Is always focused on how their work will impact the user experience of Mibo.
  • Loves to work together with others and get to know how the Mibo backend, frontend and video conferencing are all connected together.

We explicitly want to invite and encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply, especially if you're in doubt if you're experienced enough. This because we're building a diverse and inclusive company, but realize that currently a lot of us are from similar backgrounds, that we've unconscious biasses and that we have work to do on this part.

What we have to offer

  • 💶 A salary in the range of €45 – 70K
  • 🌍 Work from anywhere
  • 🕐 Flexibility to organise your own time, we do prefer a bit of overlap with CET (Central Europe) working hours
  • 💻 Solid work from home setup including a MacBook Pro or similar machine
  • 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Healthy work environment, we believe proactively taking caring for each other and our loved-ones is essential to deliver your best work
  • ğŸŽ‰ Annual company get together

The Team

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