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At Mnemonic, we are excited to be building the ultimate foundational data layer for the Web3 industry, doing the hard work once so that everyone else can focus on building the most amazing and inspiring products possible.

NFTs are already flipping the script on longstanding systems of ownership on the Internet and empowering creatives and brands to engage fans in new ways. This is just the very beginning.

We simplify the increasingly-complex task of reading, searching, aggregating, and analyzing massive amounts of data on chain and off chain, so developers can bring better products to market faster. By empowering the innovators, we’re empowering the people.

If you are passionate about data platforms, information retrieval, search, large-scale infrastructure, blockchain, web3 and the future of the Internet Mnemonic could be for you!

We’re looking for writers to work on a freelance/contract basis to support our content program at Mnemonic.

Types of projects

We could use help on both the content ideation and content creation side for assets such as:

  • Blog content, guides, and tutorials for a technical and semi-technical audience (product managers, engineers, founders) in Web3.
  • Encyclopedia-style SEO-oriented content.
  • Longer term, we’d love support on long-form content pieces (i.e. ebooks, guides etc.).

Skills and experience

  • Strong writing skills and the ability to take an outline and bring it to life with minimal hands on guidance.
  • Comfortable writing both long and short form content.
  • Creative, conversational writing style.
  • Ability to take technical, often complex concepts and simplify them or make them easy-to-understand to anyone.
  • Should have basic knowledge and understanding of the Web3 ecosystem.

Nice to have

  • Journalism background
  • Ability to make your way around a dataset and tell stories using data analysis.
  • Experience as a developer or engineer (especially in the Web3 space).
  • Previous experience in a freelance or in-house content marketing role.