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tl;dr: We're a venture-backed early-stage startup hiring a product manager to support our team in building our credit card platform. This position is fully remote, but US-time zones only, please! We're on an ambitious mission to make getting and staying healthy accessible to all. More details about us, the role, and the interview process below.

Who We Are

Ness is an early-stage, remote-first startup at the unique intersection of fintech and healthcare. We’re on a mission to build a world where everyone can afford to get and stay healthy.

Fresh off a $15.5m seed round funded by some of the most iconic operators and entrepreneurs in the space (e.g. Sweetgreen, Headspace, One Medical, Thrive Market) and started by the former CEO & Founder of Greatist (acquired by Healthline in 2019), we're building an AmEx-like credit card for health. We’ve got enormous ambitions to flip healthcare on its head through an alternative to health insurance that rewards consumers for the right behaviors and brings down the cost of healthcare.

What Impact You Can Make

Generally, we're looking for someone who can drive the product execution to build the first version of a mobile-native product and has previously shipped a delightful fintech product. We can't build this business without someone like you!

Ultimately, you will be one of our most important builders central to shaping a truly innovative product with the potential to change healthcare forever.

Our Core Values

We aren't a family, we're an incredible team. A super team that does things differently... At Ness, our core values are the source of our POWER.

✏️ Pencil It In

We move fast, try new things fearlessly, think differently, and learn from our mistakes.

🙏🏼 One Ness

We're all on the same team, have short memories, plus can "disagree and commit."

🥓 Work Crispy

We value clear, rigorous thought, give regular feedback, and we're always prepared.

🦕 Embrace Your Mythical Creature

Our differences make us special. Come as you are (but no trolls, please!)

👏🏽 Right Way To Win (Not The Easy Way)

We believe in doing well AND doing good.


You May Be The Ideal Candidate If...

None of these are requirements, just the kinds of people and experiences we think could be most successful here.

  • You have 2+ years of experience in product management or relevant technical experience in fintech, ideally in something related to credit cards.
  • You have a track record of building and shipping successful products.
  • You’ve proven to be entrepreneurial in some way.
  • You're ready for a ride on a startup rollercoaster.
  • You focus on and rally others around achieving outcomes.
  • You've got a positive growth mindset and are energized by complex challenges.
Things You Might Do...
  • Help support the development of our first card product and evolve our rewards app product, too.
  • Gather insights—including customer research, partner feedback, external market data, to inform your product hypotheses.
  • Collaborate with other functions across the company to prioritize technology investments.
  • Continuously prioritize the needs of customers and the business.
  • Help communicate product priorities across the company.
How We Hire

First, we don't discriminate. We know from experience a more diverse and inclusive team leads to bigger impact and success.

1. Meeting / First Hello

You'll talk to our CEO & Founder, Derek, in a 15-30 minute phone screen. There's nothing to prepare in advance.

First, we want to figure out if you've got the right experience for this position and working at Ness is a fit for you and us. We'll have reviewed your application and resume in detail, so this discussion will be mostly a "behavioral" interview focused on what you've done before. We want to build conviction you'll succeed in this job the same way you've succeeded in the past.

Then, you'll have time to ask us anything! (Well, mostly anything.)

2. Product Sessions

After this, you'll spend one 45-minute session focused on your product sense and then potentially a second 45-minute session focused on metrics and execution, all with one of our technical experts. This is a chance for you to share your expertise and for us to get a deeper sense of your ability. We'll share more details about this when we get there!

3. Meet the Team

Next, you'll talk to two of our team members for 30-60 minutes each, including our Head of Engineering and our Chief Experience Officer.

Here, we want to explore if we're a good fit for each other. We will have reviewed your application, product sessions, and any other meeting notes in detail, so the discussion will be focused mostly on what brings out the best in you and what's next. We want to be confident Ness can offer the environment (culture, responsibility, org structure, etc...) that's led you to the most professional success so far.

Then, you'll have time to ask questions, too!

4. References

With your help, we'll reach out to folks you've worked with in the past. We're usually pretty far along here, so this is mostly about learning from outside perspectives about how to manage and empower you best.

5. Final Meeting / The Hang

If relevant, we might have you also meet some other folks on the team. This can be a great opportunity to get a better feel for us and for us to get a better feel for you!

6. The Decision / Job Offer

Got this far? That means you're in. Expect a personal call and welcome to the team!

No recruiters or agencies, please. Thanks!

Please be aware of fake job offers coming from people claiming to be Ness Well, Inc. employees. Ness employees and/or our recruiters will never ask you for money or personal information like bank account numbers, and will always ask for a phone call or video call as the first step in our hiring process.