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Django Developer



Job Type



4+ years



Skill Set


Backend Developer

Why you should join Network Optix

βš“οΈ Stable company with a strong employer brand

🎯 Mission-driven, customer centric organisation

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Work on latest tech stacks that delivers business impact

πŸ’° Competitive salary and Performance bonus

ο»ΏπŸ– Paid time off, Flexi-hour policy & Wellness benefits

About the role

  • Creating, supporting and developing a set of projects (Django applications) such as:
  • Cloud Portal
  • License management portal
  • Various management, automation, and content management tools for partners
  • Applications/integrations web store for the company's core product
  • Developer console/knowledge base for third party developers
  • Internal tools for the team
  • Develop and maintain back end services
  • Develop and maintain internal and external APIs
  • Working closely with designers and product teams to understand requirements and give/receive direct feedback
  • Working with native GUI and server teams to plan and implement related projects/features across different platforms

Ideal candidate

  • 3+ years of professional web development
  • Expert working knowledge of Python, Django, and Django Rest Framework.
  • Comfortable with:
  • Creating models, views, API views, data migrations, forms, serializers
  • Writing and styling HTML templates for rendered viewsptimizing operations involving large amounts of data to stay quick and efficient
  • Using and creating middleware, authentication, and permission schemes
  • Writing unit tests (pytest) for new and existing code
  • Debugging Python code to more quickly find bugs and resolve issues
  • Researching and using third party libraries when necessary
  • Hands-on experience with SQL, writing queries
  • Solid understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Bachelor or master degree in STEM field or equivalent experience


  • Front-end development experience (Javascript, CSS, modern frameworks)
  • Experience with Angular
  • Experience using Celery with Django
  • Experience working with Git, Gitlab, and Linux in general
  • Knowledgeable with Docker and Docker Compose
  • Experience in building reports (SQL, tools, and frameworks)
  • Experience with AWS tools and services such as Cloudwatch, SQS, SNS

About Network Optix

Network Optix helps companies build better video solutions with our open, extensible, metadata-enabled video VPaaS platform - Nx Meta. Creates custom, AI-powered video solutions for your customers or your company - become Powered by Nx.

Network Optix began as an idea born of necessity – there simply had to be a better way to discover, view, and manage IP cameras. They are focused on one thing: helping companies rapidly build intelligent video services and solutions for customers with their full-stack video platform and ecosystem.

They are the 7th fastest growing software company in America (2016 Inc 500) with 90+ FTEs and growing every month (as of August 2020). Nx software powers some of the coolest video applications on the planet. 

Funded by Sergey Bystrov and Nathan Wheeler, Network Optix has raised a total of $750K in funding over 1 round.