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Service Desk Support


🇺🇸 USA Only

Job Type



3 to 5 years



Skill Set


Customer Support

Job Details


The following skills have a:

Required 3 years of experience

Desired 5 years of experience

1. Virtual Workplace

When working virtually here are the expectations:

You have a professional environment; not distracting, noisy, call center ready.

Required to connect directly to a router/modem (No wifi).

ISP provides stable connectivity (No mifi).

2. Customer Service

Understands standard call control techniques and soft skills that promote customer satisfaction while meeting production goals. Must speak fluent English.

3. ITSM Ticketing Tools

Client uses ServiceNow for catalog requests and incident management records. Ability to properly document and process different record types.

4. Major Incident (Outages)

Able to quickly identify incidents impacting multiple people, services or members, and to report effectively on the conditions in an accurate manner.

5. Password Resets

Will be required to manage 10 different personal password accounts with different expirations and policy requirements used to reset customers passwords upon request.

6. Active Directory

Active directory is client's primary authentication technology. Should have a good understanding of authentication, complex password policies and member groups.

7. Knowledge Management

Our environment is fast paced and requires individuals who are self-sufficient in using available resources, like a knowledge base, to be successful. Must be capable of using effective search criteria, follow instructions listed in knowledge articles, compare multiple results with a limited need of assistance.

8. Desktop/Laptop Troubleshooting

This includes troubleshooting components like hardware (PC, monitor, phones, printers, etc.), client software (process ending, setting changes, uninstall/reinstall), and web browsers (clearing cache, policy updates, settings)

9. Remote Troubleshooting

The ability to remote into a workstation and take control to perform diagnostic and troubleshooting steps.

10. Telework Troubleshooting

A combination of troubleshooting internet, teleworker equipment, VPN sessions and 2FA for a population of over 10k customers. Knowledgeable in troubleshooting basic network connectivity.

11. Mobile Devices

Client uses both iPhones and iPads that will require updates and authentication support.

Key points:

Agents will be shipped Wyse terminal computers and two monitors. We do not issue Laptops

Will need two ports on the router to connect both the Wyse Terminal and Phone