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Management and Finance

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Our Mission

Help people better access and afford care.

Our Thesis

Most care in the future will be cash purchased or financed versus insured. While this sounds massively disruptive it is not without precedent.

We believe this societal shift is actually a good thing and will rhyme with its historic analogue of how retirement savings shifted from being an employer-paid, defined benefit (pension) to an employee-oriented, defined contribution (401k) model. This societal shift liberated employers from expensive, unmanageable costs totally unrelated to their core business and catalyzed a Cambrian explosion of innovation relating to retirement and financial services.

We see the same shift slowly underway in healthcare, as evidenced by higher deductibles, and we are positioning Paytient to be the enabling financial platform upon which the effortless buying and selling of sub-catastrophic care will be built and transacted.

Our Business

Offered by employers and insurers, Paytient is embedded or put alongside health plans to give 'paytients' the ability to pay for unexpected, out-of-pocket expenses over time - always without interest or fees. We are wedging into the world by putting Paytient into the purses and wallets of millions of people and helping better access and afford care.

With headquartered roots in Columbia, Missouri, we are a founder-led, privately held company funded by Inspired Capital, Box Group, Felicis Ventures, Lachy Groom, Lightbank, and Cultivation Capital.

We could talk all day about being "mission-driven", but we'll let some of our customers describe why the work we're doing is so impactful:

"This was a complete lifesaver for me and was provided when I needed it most. Super easy and great payment plan choices"

- Dana

"I had some out of pocket expenses for a surgery I wasn’t expecting, and not sure how I was going to pay it upfront. But the app was simple and the digital card was immediately available for use. Saved me in so many ways!"

- April

"In an economic time when medical bills can be an added burden to an already stretched budget, Paytient has made things so much easier on our family."

- Stephen

Paytient’s Compliance team implements a program that enables Paytient to proactively meet regulatory requirements while also identifying issues that may arise. Compliance program activities include advisory, training, independent testing & monitoring, reporting, and oversight. As the second line of defense, Compliance proactively partners with the business to support new products, markets, and initiatives.

Compliance team members own strategy and lead the enterprise compliance advisory framework for fair lending, servicing, and complaints.

What you will do:

  • Prepare, implement, and maintain compliance plans.
  • Serve as Paytient's compliance advisor with key partners
  • Perform risk analysis to manage regulatory changes which may impact the Paytient business model, it's products and services, or it's customers; and driving appropriate business responses to regulatory changes.
  • Conduct periodic reviews on compliance-related business controls and provide remediation or process improvement recommendations to the internal stakeholders.
  • Provide reporting to risk owners, management and various risk forums on the state of business compliance with regulatory obligations.
  • Contribute to compliance-related policies, instructions and routines for the guidance of Paytient's business units.
  • Provide advice, support and training to Paytient's employees, contractors and other persons involved in its activities regarding business conduct and regulatory obligations.
  • Contribute to the development of the team's strategy and vision to further meet the needs of the company and support broader Compliance projects
  • Partner with senior leadership to develop creative, risk-weighted solutions, policies, and processes
  • Support the compliance management system, including policy maintenance, risk assessment, audits and exams, and other assigned responsibilities.

About you:

  • 5+ years in a senior Compliance role in financial services, with strong advisory skills
  • Operational knowledge in building and running a sound Compliance program
  • Knowledge in lending and payment regulations
  • Ability to strategize against competing priorities and identify the important problems to solve
  • Creative problem-solving skills and a metrics-driven approach to create substantiated solutions
  • Experience working with consumer financial laws and regulations including but not limited to ECOA, TCPA, FCRA, TILA, UDAAP, FDCPA, EFTA

Compensation and Benefits:

-Remote-with-Roots: With roots in Columbia, Missouri, we welcome new hires to visit us so they’ll come to know what we already know to be true – CoMo is an unexpectedly awesome place to live, work and play

-A monthly stipend for direct primary care membership

-Your choice of medical, dental, and vision insurance made better with a built-in ability to pay for up to $5,000 of care over time with Paytient*

-401(k) plan with a 100% matching contribution up to 4% of your salary*

-5 weeks of encouraged paid time off available on your first day (prorated) for your physical and mental health*

-A monthly phone stipend

-A monthly stipend for your choice of professional development

-16 weeks of paid parental leave*

-An awesome company retreat every year

-And MORE!

*Denotes benefits available for full-time employees

We are unable to sponsor or take over sponsorship of employment Visa at this time.

Paytient is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.