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About the AR/Game-Engine Artist role:

We produce immersive full dome shows — music-driven audiovisual experiences — and we use short AR experiences to tell people about them. We love technology, graphics and music: most of all we love bringing magical experiences to people, whether that's in an auditorium with a huge screen, or straight onto people's phone screens.

We need someone with artistic and technical skills to help our Visuals department both produce AR experiences and integrate game-engine technology into our visuals pipeline.

While we've already produced some spectacular AR experiences with Zappar and PlayCanvas, we've just been dabbling at the surface of what's possible. For future shows, we need to harness the convergence going on, by using game-engine rendering to speed up the production process, and by generating assets that can be used in our AR experiences too. VR is on the horizon, too, and while we use it extensively in production, we're going to need to bring our experiences to people's headsets too.

Our work is driven by music, so a feel for music is essential. Whether that means you can play an instrument, dance, or just clap in time — we need someone who can feel where the beats and bars are.

Is this the role for you???

Artistic, with an eye for composition, colour and detail

A coder, with experience using code to generate and control graphics, and to get data between packages, and a deep seated desire to write a script rather than do something repetitive

A hacker, happy to try fixing code in a language you haven't used before, with excellent Google-fu, and having spent plenty of time finding answers on StackOverflow

A 3D generalist, with a broad understanding of how to model, texture, animate, render and post-produce

A realtime specialist, with solid understanding of how to author and optimise graphical assets, payload size and runtime code to produce the best experience possible on a range of devices

A game engine guru. We're not tied to a particular engine yet, but we'll need to be, soon. We need advice, guidance and hands-on help in getting set up to render in real-time, or close to real-time

Musical: it'd help if you can play an instrument to some degree — we won't need to hear you play! — but an understanding of beats and bars, a feel for verses and choruses is essential.

Good at communicating, whether verbal or written: we all work remotely, but we keep in close contact with one another through a variety of channels.

About Us

We are growing fast and looking for amazing people to join our team and contribute to our growth!

Working with us is a chance to help bring some of the world's most cutting-edge music and visual experiences to life, in an unconventional company where we respect skill, determination, creativity and kindness above all.

We use analytics and constant experimentation to make data-driven choices. A role with us is a chance to work at the very edge of marketing technology and technique, helping improve people's lives by constantly experimenting, imagining possibilities and inventing new tools.

We are driven by:

  • The desire to be the absolute best in our field.
  • A passion to join art that improves people's lives with its audiences.
  • The belief that it is a moral imperative to bring great art to audiences, and to bypass traditional industry gatekeepers.
  • An overarching philosophy that says data science and artistry aren't in opposition.
  • A wish to leave a legacy, and to help others leave theirs.
What we can offer:

• 100% remote
• 100% flexitime
• Generous Holiday provisions
• Competitive package
• Supportive work culture, with team in 6 countries
• Free Oculus Quest 2 on signing :)

More about our values:

We expect:
• Hard work, including some off hours (since we are running shows round the world);
• World-class standards.
• Attention to detail; we are moving fast and don't have time to be checking others' work.
• Humour (lots of humour).
• Respect and consideration for other team-members and our audience.
• Ethics - while we push the boundaries of the tech, we always act with honesty and integrity.
• Long-term, big picture thinking.
• A collaborative outlook and attitude.
• Ownership of mistakes, and the ability to turn them in to learning opportunities. We don't do guilt.
• Open, honest communication.