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*This is a fully remote role for UK/EU timezone*

About Us

We are growing fast and looking for amazing people to join our team and contribute to our growth!

Working with us is a chance to help bring some of the world's most cutting-edge music and visual experiences to life, in an unconventional company where we respect skill, determination, creativity and kindness above all.

We use analytics and constant experimentation to make data-driven choices. A role with us is a chance to work at the very edge of marketing technology and technique, helping improve people's lives by constantly experimenting, imagining possibilities and inventing new tools.

We are driven by:

• The desire to be the absolute best in our field.
• A passion to join art that improves people's lives with its audiences.
• The belief that it is a moral imperative to bring great art to audiences, and to bypass traditional industry gatekeepers.
• An overarching philosophy that says data science and artistry aren't in opposition.
• A wish to leave a legacy, and to help others leave theirs.

Creative Director Job Description:

We are seeking a Creative Director to join our marketing team driving music and immersive media shows with strong social impact, as well as other music-related campaigns.

Our current focus currently is in immersive music shows rolling out in multiple US cities. As each city is unique, with its own culture and events, our dialog with that city's inhabitants is similarly unique.

We are looking for a Creative Director to ideate, manage and quality-control our team's marketing output for this and other projects across a wide variety of marketing/communication channels.

You will be working with a variety of inhouse and contracted graphic designers and video editors, and with our Content Strategist who will be crafting city-by-city conversations.

The output for which you will be responsible will range from movie posters to banner ads and Tiktok videos, and may include augmented reality experiences, merchandise design, email layouts - and anything else we can all dream up!

The ideal candidate will combine strong project management/organisational skills with a fantastic eye for aesthetics, layout and creative vision. We are looking for a strong collaborator with the ability to understand and work diplomatically with artists and stakeholders, to craft a strong, unique sympathetic visual voice for each project/show.

Also essential is an understanding of conversion rate optimisation principles and how to balance them against aesthetics.

We will be looking to you to ensure our visual voice to the public is world-class, formalising and upholding each show/project's brand style guide and ensuring all output conforms to it.

There is a strong social impact aspect to our plans, so an interest in that aspect would be a bonus.

In business terms…the Creative Director is accountable to creating brand style guides and then delivering content that adheres to them while being engaging, meeting KPIs and driving revenue and social impact.

Reports to the CMO

Key Responsibilities:

Working with the Content Strategist to ideate and define content goals

Shaping brand standards for our company and individual shows, and creating procedures to ensure all output is brand appropriate while converting strongly to our strategic goals.

Directing brainstorming meetings and creative sessions.

Developing and implementing the visual components of city-specific content strategies (‘the story we are telling') for our immersive shows and associated music releases.

Developing remarkable creative concepts for advertising, interactive/web, print and broadcast, then managing the process from concept to production.

Adapting concepts and content to all channels and cities.

Creating and use content to drive reach, reputation, revenue and social impact on a variety of digital platforms (PPC ads, organic social media posts, blogs, websites) and traditional outlets (PR, emails, posters etc.).

Ensuring our creative marketing output serves the dual purpose of selling oodles of tickets while increasing our cohesion and bond with each city's audiences.

Optimising visual output for user experience and conversion rates.

Assisting our key executives by managing the creation of presentations and infographics for B2B outreach and internal team communications.

Creative innovation, bringing new ideas and technology to the table.

Other Duties

Researching our artists' shows/image/social impact interests, as well as content and consumer trends to ensure visual content is relevant.

Assuring that all visual output is checked at the draft and final stages of each project, allowing a “fresh set of eyes” to examine the work for ways it could be improved.

Keeping up-to-date on the latest communication trends and techniques, and updating our best practices while keeping the team informed.

Supervising the department's daily workflow, assigning project workloads, and monitoring deadlines and budgets.

Other duties as assigned.

Desired Skills & Expertise:

  • Bachelor's degree in art, graphic design, marketing, communications, journalism, and other relevant fields.
  • A minimum of 5 years' digital experience, particularly with, but not limited to web, social, and emerging technologies.
  • A solid understanding of design, copy, and web practices.
  • A strong understanding of conversion rate optimization principles
  • Brilliant interpersonal and communication skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of brand development and multichannel marketing models.
  • Creative and strategic thinking
  • Expertise in the ever-changing digital landscape, and an ability to provide strategic input to marketing plans
  • Strong planning/project management skills with the ability to juggle several projects at a time with no loss of quality
  • Strong team leadership skills
  • A sense of humour
About the Role:

• 100% remote
• 100% flexitime
• Generous Holiday provisions
• Competitive package
• Supportive work culture, with team in 6 countries
• Free Oculus Quest 2 on signing :)

More about our values

We expect:
• Hard work, including some off hours (since we are running shows round the world);
• World-class standards.
• Attention to detail; we are moving fast and don't have time to be checking others' work.
• Humour (lots of humour).
• Respect and consideration for other team-members and our audience.
• Ethics - while we push the boundaries of the tech, we always act with honesty and integrity.
• Long-term, big picture thinking.
• A collaborative outlook and attitude.
• Ownership of mistakes, and the ability to turn them in to learning opportunities. We don't do guilt.
• Open, honest communication.