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We are seeking a remote, freelance logo designer to support with a few elements related to our corporate brand 'Ramee Group' and our lifestyle brand 'Ramee Dream'.

Ramee Group is a holding company for our diverse activities, mainly focused on hotels, real-estate, and entertainment (restaurants, bars, clubs).

Ramee Dream is our experiential 5* hotel concept. These properties are lifestyle destinations where guests can enjoy a full suite of activities, including restaurants, clubs, spas, gyms, events etc.

We have a heritage logo that has been part of our organization since 1990, that is quite sacred to us, and so we would not like to make any major edits, just a few select things.

First, for Ramee Group, I would like to execute the following for a budget of 100 USD assuming this wont take more than 2-3 hours:

Objective 1: A simple correction. Looking at the proportion and rations of the different elements and ensuring alignment. E.g. I noticed that the 'Saffron colored' strike on the R is the wrong length, and connects with the white one. I would like a simple edit to fix this for use in our traditional brands. Ensure the colors are vivid. Outcome is a vector file.

Objective 2: Then we can introduce and new font for 'RAMEE GROUP'. Does not need to be too modern, but at least not times new roman. Can be presented in a vector file with the text shown underneath the logos created above.

Objective 3: after the corrections are done, I would like to spend approx. USD 200 on support creating a lapel pin with a butterfly clutch with our 'three strike R' symbol. The design of this product will be sent to a supplier in China to manufacture for all our employees to wear. I would like 2 versions, one in a full gold look, and another in gold, but with the colors of the Indian flag retained on the '3 strikes' which would be done in colored enamel. Only the R will feature in the lapel pin. Not the background. So the pin will have a bit of depth, and hollow areas around the pin. I need a simple design visualization that I can send to the manufacturers. Outcome is a vector file showing the design of the logo pin with measurements, and PDF.

Next, I would like to design a new, font-based logo for Ramee Dream with a budget of USD 1000; please refer to the hotel's page on google and Instagram, and some of our venues like Cavo, Yume, Vice, Tanatan etc. to understand the concept. It's a fun destination for young adults to get the full Dubai party experience.

I feel the current branding does not reflect that. We use cursive and serif fonts to communicate our brand 'RAMEE DREAM'. I would like support creating a new creative font-based logo that will go on our signage outside, and our inhouse materials like letter heads, stationary etc.

Ramee Dream should not make use of our 'three strike R' symbol. It will be a clean, modern, font-based logo only. I would like this to be designed along with a simple brand book that will dictate the use of this logo on our website, social media posts, signage, stationary etc. I would also like the new logo in a vector file for our marketing teams to use.

The most important thing is to envision how our signage will look from street level above our awning. See this image of the front of the hotel: https://static.propsearch.ae/dubai-locations/ramee-dream-hotel_h6b3e_xl.jpg (Note it should not include the word 'Hotel' as we are so much more than that...)

Looking forward to receiving your suggestions. Feel free to offer to work on either both scope items, or just 1 of them.


  • Create unique and visually appealing logo designs for Ramee Group and Ramee Dream
  • Present different design concepts and revisions
  • Ensure all designs are consistent with guidelines, where I have specified flexibility and where I have not
  • Present ideas based on design trends and incorporate them into your work, specifically on Ramee Dream


  • Proven experience as a logo and/or product designer
  • Strong portfolio showcasing your design skills
  • Strong understanding of design principles, typography, and color theory
  • Ability to work independently and meet tight deadlines
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Adobe InDesign, Figma, Adobe XD, Miro

This is a remote, freelance position and candidates can work from anywhere. To apply, please submit an application describing your relevant qualifications and experience.

Note: Please do not contact me with your proposals on LinkedIn. I will only review proposals on Contra.