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As a technical writer at Rarify, you’ll provide clear information about how developers can integrate with our API and other tools. This content includes API reference documentation, user-focused guides, tutorials, and other materials to cover our growing platform's newest features.

You'll work closely with our product, engineering, and design teams as we create a superior developer experience for our customers. As we grow, you'll get the benefit of our research into our customers' needs and the opportunity to help shape our developer offerings into a usable, clearly-documented platform. You'll expand our developer portal, set standards for our information, and may eventually manage other writers.

What you’ll do
  • Document new APIs, features, and improvements, written in a mix of markdown & JSON
  • With the help of our design and engineering team, expand our developer platform and its technical documentation
  • Create guidelines, tutorials and document best practices for engineers
  • Collect and resolve documentation feedback
  • 3+ years of writing documentation for developer-focused software
  • Experience with OpenAPI documentation
  • Strong writing and editorial skills
  • Programming skills in languages such as JavaScript and Golang
  • Proficiency in Markdown-based docs-like-code documentation
Bonus points for:
  • Living in [-5, +5] time zones
  • Experience building API platforms, developer portals, or integrations between third party platforms