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Raycast makes it simple, fast and delightful to control your tools. We're looking for a Developer Advocate to join our small team to grow, inspire and empower our community of developers to create the ecosystem of productivity tools with us.

Raycast is a native Mac application with a significant focus on top-notch UI and interactions. We genuinely care about user experience, performance, privacy and ease of use. We had enough of dealing with slow and clunky tools. Raycast is our attempt to let you enjoy your daily workflows without all the distractions.

From the beginning of Raycast, we were keen to provide an API to developers that enables them to build extensions. Paired with a strong developer community, we believe in growing an ecosystem of productivity tools for individuals and teams. After we released our API, our community jumped on it and built ~200 extensions within weeks. They are eager to integrate with their tools and find creative new ways to use Raycast. Extensions are built with React and Node.js which makes it easy to get started and simple to build something complex. It's a step-change for us to reach developers around the world with the community at it's center and we need someone to lead, expand and nurture it.

Community is at the center of our company strategy with the ambition to become a ubiquitous productivity tool for developers. We believe this effort deserves it's own business unit. Right now, this means being hands-on and handle the most-pressing issues, like clearing our pull request queue. Later this means building a team that supports your strategy to establish a cult around Raycast.

We're a fully remote company and looking for candidates in the UTC timezone (London, Lisbon, Dakar, ...) ± 3 hours. This position is for a full-time employment.

In this role you will...

  • Start and scale our DevRel efforts. DevRel is a very broad topic. You can maintain our public GitHub repository for Extensions, evolve our Extensions API, improve documentation, organize hackathons, kickstart key partnerships, the list goes on and on... You'll decide what are the tactics you want to apply immediately and outline a plan to tackle the rest with a bigger team.
  • Be the voice of our community. Be close to our beloved members and make yourself known. Capture feedback and insights from them and feed it back into our development cycles. Build loyal community champions that amplify your actions.
  • Become the lead maintainer of our public GitHub repository for Extensions. Manage open issues and review pull requests from the community. Lead by example and contribute top-notch samples to set the quality bar. This is our biggest issue right now and steals focus from our engineers. You'll tackle this problem head-on. It helps you to interact with our community and to learn our API. You'll be part of the API product team and work with them closely together to make sure that our reviews go smooth.
  • Shape our Extensions API. Absorb the feedback of the community and guide it back into product development. Explore what's the best way to expose features with our API. Help us architect an easy-to-use but powerful framework. You are at the forefront of the community and know what people build. You bring these insights back to the team.
  • Grow our community. Inspire developers with demos, blog posts, tutorials and other content. Write and share our changelog entries via Twitter, Slack and email to close the feedback loop with our users.
  • Find new ways to engage with our community. Create a sense of belonging with hackathons, AMAs or whatever else you can think of. We want to be close with our users and build Raycast together with them. Maybe even organize the first RayConf?! The further we grow our DevRel unit, the more you'll look into new efforts that we should take to bring Raycast to more developers around the world.

You will be a great fit if...

  • You've built global communities before. You have a toolkit to repeat this again for us. You're fluent in English and a strong external communicator to connect with our users around the world.
  • You have a strong understanding of technical communities. You have empathy for developers' challenges and ideally you have experience writing code.
  • You're an expert in React and TypeScript. You know JavaScript/TypeScript to fully leverage the React and Node.js ecosystem. You built frontends, have worked with design systems and know what it means to develop a framework.
  • You're ready to own a program end-to-end. You are interested in the marketing and business opportunities that our API will bring and can build a team around it.
  • You're a productivity nerd. You keep improving your workflows to be more efficient and influence others around you to become more productive as well. Ideally you do that already in Raycast.