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Gender Mainstreaming Consultant



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5 to 10 years



Skill Set


Management and Finance

Job Details

Background & Need:

Re:Coded believes that anyone, anywhere should have the opportunity to access and thrive in the digital economy. Our mission is to actively empower youth from underserved communities to build careers in technology. We believe that digital skills training has the potential to be a catalyst for the political, economic, and social empowerment of youth.

In its mission, Re:Coded recognizes the diversity of men and women’s specific needs, experiences, vulnerabilities, skills, capacities, and priorities and is committed to addressing them so that our policies and programs benefit women as well as men. As we work with participants from different backgrounds and with different life experiences, we want to ensure that our programs are tailored to fit their specific needs and our staff is trained to support the success of the participants that go through our programs.

Purpose of the Consultancy:

Re:Coded would like to increase our internal capacity to mainstream gender throughout our programs by receiving training on conducting gender analyses and understanding how to use those findings to mainstream gender across all curricula and activities in our programming through a standardized gender mainstreaming toolkit.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To conduct desk review of existing Re:Coded gender mainstreaming toolkit and analyses
  • To develop a MENA contextualized toolkit on guidelines and instructions on gender mainstreaming in our programmatic efforts. The objective of the toolkit is to provide Re:Coded’s programs and education teams with step-by-step guidance on mainstreaming gender in curriculum design, program delivery, etc.
  • To conduct internal gender mainstreaming capacity development trainings for Re:Coded’s team members


  • Conduct desk review and complete 1 inception brief (September 2022)
  • Design 1 gender mainstreaming toolkit that has been contextualized for Re:Coded’s specific programmatic interventions (October-November 2022)
  • Create training materials - including agenda, training outline, and presentation - for gender mainstreaming capacity development workshops (October-November 2022)
  • Deliver 1 online gender mainstreaming capacity development workshop for Re:Coded’s team members - including tools, resources, approaches, as well as scenario/case study-based group exercises (December 2022)

Consultants must be legally registered to be employed on a freelance contract in their country of residence.

Pending confirmed funding, selected candidates will be invited for an interview early August 2022 and expected to start on September 1.

Consultant requirements:

  • 5-10 years of progressive experience in gender-related issues in the humanitarian or development field
  • Excellent knowledge of the MENA region
  • Proven experience in planning, developing, and facilitating participatory training
  • Expertise in designing Gender strategies for local and/or international NGOs
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Understanding of Re:Coded’s mission and values
  • Proven ability to work remotely/autonomously
  • Proven ability to work under pressure and be flexible, including ability to cope with tight deadlines

How to apply:

If you have the required expertise and skills, please submit your CV along with a

project proposal (2-3 pages) that includes:

1) how you meet the criteria for the consultancy;

2) proposed approach;

3) outline of deliverables with a timeline;

4) budget estimation for the design and the delivery of the toolkit & training.