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Devops Sysadmin

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About Remedy Robotics:

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of morbidity and mortality in the world. Much of this could be prevented with better access to specialist care. Take stroke as an example: any delay in treatment can lead to permanent disability or death. However, due to a lack of specialist surgeons, the most effective intervention can only be performed in 2% of US hospitals. For patients who present to one of the 98% of hospitals that do not offer surgery, treatment is either significantly delayed or not offered at all because timely transfer is not feasible.

Our mission is to bring state-of-the-art vascular intervention to anyone, anytime, regardless of their location. Our team of medical clinicians, roboticists, and machine learning experts are working to bridge this gap by building the world's first remotely operated, semi-autonomous endovascular surgical robot.

We've already done what nobody else could—using our system, doctors from around the world were able to remotely perform this procedure from as far as 8,000 miles away. We now need your help to bring this technology out of the laboratory and into hospitals everywhere.

The Role:

We're looking for someone to amplify the engineering organization and develop processes to help build a modern surgical robot. You will work closely with several departments across the company, including machine learning, data, and middleware.


  • Develop a robust CI pipeline with both cloud-based and on-premise, hardware-connected components, for a diverse set of software including robotics, ML, and UI
  • Work with engineers across the organization to find and root out inefficiencies in the development cycle
  • Improve tooling and tracking, such as unit testing and static analysis
  • Standardize and harden on-premise and cloud security
  • Maintain lab/office and cloud-based network infrastructure


  • 2+ years of DevOps or related experience
  • Been responsible for complex CI/CD systems
  • Strong coding abilities
  • Exposure to cloud-based infrastructure such as AWS

Nice To Have:

  • Experience with Python, C++, and TypeScript
  • Worked with Jenkins or GitHub Actions for CI
  • Familiarity with the Bazel build system
  • Experience maintaining / building/packaging internal software libraries
  • Experience with CI and deployment of web applications
  • Familiarity with Docker