Financial Manager


Sweden and subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, the USA, and Canada.

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Management and Finance

Job Details

We’re looking for a Finance Team Lead with an entrepreneurial mindset and service-minded approach, who will take on our global company consisting of the mother company in Sweden and subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, the USA, and Canada.


You’re a hands-on leader

You lead by example, and you enable your team to perform. You dig into the details of the books, have a general understanding of the bigger picture, and set the strategic financial plans. You love numbers, structure, and organizing. You carve out the essential parts from the noise around you and direct them into structured workflows, processes, and data. With hands-on precision, you empower calmness and prioritization in our finance team. Effective communication, both asynchronous and direct, ensures that our team focuses on what matters and what makes them and the company level up. 

You embrace the power of tech

As a fashion tech e-com, tech is an integral part of everything we do. It helps us automate, collect valuable data and make better decisions. You must have the mindset and ability to use tech to keep the finance team moving fast and powerful and enable them to focus on their strengths. A personality that can take on a system owner and/or processes owner responsibility is crucial in this position.

You are an infinite learner

At Ridestore, curiosity and caring are everything. You need to have a childlike curiosity and constantly be questioning and rethinking. With a beginner’s mind, you never assume that you know everything about a topic. You go beyond asking the what, too deeply understand the why and the how. Your constant search for truth has made you a thoughtful and data-driven decision-maker, where humbleness always rules over your ego.

Service and support come naturally to you

At Ridestore, we aim to leave every interaction with a WOW feeling for all involved. Service needs to be the core of your personality where you always strive to enable and encourage your team and colleagues. You need to be a person that understands that communication is not over when you have said what you want to say but rather when the individuals you communicate with have understood what you want to share. You need to be humble and never let your ego or prestige determine your decisions or action.


Service, sharing, and support

As the finance team lead, you need to ensure that all other teams have what they need concerning financial understanding and data. Your task is to enable and empower your colleagues and other teams so they can perform at their highest level. Making financial data available for all teams so it can be part of their decision and plans. You will also enable strategic decision-making with accurate financial data and analysis. You will work in the heart of our back office.

Drive our Finance team

Weekly stand-ups with the team to understand how everything is going and how everybody is performing. “Be one” with what needs to be prioritized, what needs to be synced and not synced. Helping the team with relevant information, ensuring that deadlines are met and that projects are running smoothly. Project planning and prioritization come naturally to you, and you need to support the team to reach the same level as you.

Improve our finance team

The most important product we're building is Ridestore with our people. Tweaking, testing, and rebuilding our ways of working is not a one-time fix. It's a never-ending connection. You need to be able to solve complex problems with our team. What's working and what's not? You need to understand the reasons behind our team's behaviors. We need to rebuild, what we need to improve, and what we should say no to. Your job will be to make sure that we have the most adaptable and high-performing production team.


Tech is a natural part of a finance team due to the dependency on an ERP system. We use Netsuite as our ERP, and we need you to embrace and love this system. Automate it and make sure we have as little hands-on process as possible. There are multiple microservices also related to finance, which will also be a responsibility. Be prepared to outline many technical specifications and close with our excellent tech team to drive forward the development of the finance department’s internal systems. We aim to have the most automated finance team there is.

Accuracy and compliance in the books

You will ensure that we are compliant with the latest regulation on tax, VAT, and GST in all our entities. You will be our strategic partner related to Transfer pricing, group consolidation, and cash flow. You need to ensure that the monthly closing of the books is accurate and can be used for strategic decisions. You will work closely with our partners, such as auditors, banks, and system developers.


You will develop and be responsible for our internal report system where every team leader in the company can understand its financial data. Enable and empower your colleagues is the primary purpose of our internal reporting. You will be responsible for the budget, result, and cash flow reports. You have no strict deadlines from the “management,” no external investors, and no board members that will call you in the middle of the night. So take your time and provide analyses that are relevant and accurate.

Why should you apply?

We think you should apply if:

- you want to challenge yourself at an entrepreneurial company with high ambitions.

- you want a journey of learning and building with great people

- you want to work hands-on with powerful concepts like first principle thinking and Pareto

- You want a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to shape the world of Ridestore

If you’re ready for this, you should apply now!

We recruit mainly by headhunting and networking. FULL DISCRETION will be taken due to your current position.