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Our health system is broken, and it’s a huge problem. Costs are rising out of control while the patient experience gets worse. At Sana, we're passionate about fixing this problem by bringing accessible and affordable health plans to small and medium businesses. We've built an innovative team with top talent from across the health insurance and tech industries to create engaging, modern plans for our clients. This allows our customers to offer competitive benefits packages while paying an average of 20% less than traditional plans.
Sana is looking for an entrepreneurial Senior Product Designer to rethink the way people navigate through the healthcare space, using design and strategy to create new, innovative paths to care. You will have design ownership of projects and play a critical role in carrying out larger product initiatives. Whether designing new digital user experiences or creating iterative improvements to existing features, you will have a direct impact on our members, customers, internal teammates, and company as a whole.
As a small product design team at a fast-growing startup, we have some guiding principles to follow that help us make better decisions more efficiently.
Less, But Better: Be ruthless with intention and simplicity. If everything screams, nothing is heard.
Delivery Over Perfection: No impact is realized until our work is in the hands of our users. We ship when something feels ready – not when it is perfect.
Data-Informed, Not Data-Driven: Data helps us decide but cannot dictate the decisions we make on our user’s behalf.
Impact Over Form: We must judge the value of our work based on its impact to the society and systems we are part of, rather than any aesthetic considerations.
Protect The Brand: Every decision we make must support the Sana mission and the experience we promise members. Compromises have consequences.
We are building a distributed team and encourage anyone authorized to work in the USA to apply. Please note that we are unable to offer sponsorship at this time. We strongly encourage you to apply even if you do not have an exact match to the experience requested but are interested in the work and the possibility of working at Sana. We are continually looking for new and diverse perspectives and people to join our teams.
Please submit a portfolio of relevant work with your resume.

What you will do
  • Create digital tools and experiences that allow people to manage the healthcare landscape more effectively and confidently. These experiences will look simple and elegant on the surface, but hide or solve for complexity underneath.
  • Collaborate with Product Managers and stakeholders to uncover the real problems we need to solve. You’ll unpack insights, identify themes, shape opportunities, map out journeys, and run tests to validate ideas – creating an actionable path toward solving these problems.
  • Rapidly identify, generate, and iterate design solutions that you believe have a high chance of solving user problems, reducing risk by using various forms of testing.
  • Work closely with Engineering early and often to understand where we can accept compromise in order to give meaningful reduction in implementation complexity. At the same time, you’ll have the confidence to advocate for taking on engineering complexity if it is necessary to the design that you want to ship.
  • Create documentation for your engineering partners. You’ll also validate, QA test, and refine solutions as they are being built.
  • Collaborate with other designers to maintain a cohesive user experience, including helping to establish and contribute to our Design System, which is currently being implemented.
  • Work with industry leading software and apps like Figma, Miro, Usertesting.com, Dovetail, and Heap Analytics
  • Exhibit forward momentum, progressing through the product design process using critical thinking and judgment to know when to move on, return to, or skip steps. At every stage you are learning, testing, and evaluating the next step based on new feedback or information.
  • Become a strong internal partner who is able to demonstrate the strategic value that design brings to the rest of the company, providing visibility into your process and work.
  • This is a design position – coding experience is not required, but certainly welcome

About you
  • You are user-centric and comfortable designing for multiple user types. You can easily empathize with users and understand the emotions of the people you are designing for.
  • You approach each new problem with curiosity and ask questions like “why does this work the way it does? What makes it work? What makes this not work?”
  • You are a champion for accessibility and understand the importance of designing with best practices in mind.
  • You have experience designing software user interfaces that people have used in real life.
  • You’re a natural problem-solver, a self-starter, and willing to take initiative.
  • You have proven UX and UI skill sets – you have mastered the fundamentals of each and understand that these two skill sets each carry equal weight. You naturally find yourself thinking through both UX and UI when designing.
  • You have familiarity with a professional work environment and know how to effectively navigate that space as a true partner.
  • You’re experienced working with design software and prototyping tools and open to new technologies that help support a collaborative remote environment.
  • You have 5+ years (or the proven skill set and impact to meet a senior title) working as a designer for digital consumer experiences and have created products that people have used.
  • You’re excited to help build something totally new and motivated by making a real, positive change to a stagnant industry
About Sana
Sana is a modern health plan solution for small and medium businesses. We use a more efficient financing structure and integrated technology solutions to cut out wasteful spending and get members access to better quality care at lower cost. Founded in 2017, we are an experienced team of engineers, designers and health system operators. We have the financial backing of Silicon Valley venture firms and innovative reinsurance partners. If you are excited about building something new and being a part of fixing our broken healthcare system from the inside, please reach out!