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When we hire Business Analysts (BA) they usually tell us they are coming from the world of spreadsheets, Excel, and statistical research that culminates in a presentation and then... Another research, other numbers, and another presentation.

We offer something different - you will have a portfolio of highly successful eCommerce businesses with an ability to influence their Strategic Roadmap for years ahead. It is a long-term engagement: you can analyze, consult, see your plan accepted and executed.

How do we make it different? And successful too! There are the following 5 things:

Access to the right data

Your analysis and decisions will base on any data one can imagine. We work in digital, so we have all insights on customer behavior, customer revenue, purchasing patterns, pricing, and product catalog, as well as a deep divide into user sessions, funnel analysis, and traffic sources.

Of course, you will also have access to the commercially available industry data, as well, to see where e.g. organic baby food market is moving and contrast it with our customer trajectory.

Access to stakeholders

You will have a chance to meet and talk to the people who shape the future of top brands, having millions of followers and multi-billion revenue. Hear their goals, wishes, and pain points or deduce the ones they did not yet imagine. For e.g. we launched VR showrooms for furniture retailers and Metaverse experience for fashion brands and auto showrooms.

Support from the top management

You will be liaising directly with the top management, founders, and co-CEOs, who will support you in your quest for the Growth of our customers. We will join you in our mutual quest - discovering the new value for our customers!

Build on what works for the most successful companies out there

We work with brands like Puma, The Met, Jysk, Laderach, AirBaltic, and The New York Times. MONIN, Sportland, and so many more. Each customer has taught us something, and we can tap into this experience by ideating together what is next for your customer portfolio.


We create and deliver in digital space. The world is flat for us - our BAs have helped uncovering potential in new markets and employ new tools such as VR, AR, and Metaverse - we know that every day is the chance to envision something that hasn't been there yet and is of value to the customer.

  • Analysis of the current state of a business (e.g. SWOT). Just to give you an example, we did not know the source of utter customer dissatisfaction until we spoke to the warehouse manager and learned that their software is so outdated that if a customer orders 5 items and one is missing... They are likely to cancel the entire order!
  • Liaising with stakeholders of the business
  • Understanding of business requirements and needs, if such are voiced or deduced, if not voiced
  • Requesting and consuming relevant data and making strong conclusions
  • Analysis of competitors and industry
  • Galvanizing research into the vision of the opportunity
  • Presenting the opportunity, supporting it with data and cases, and being prepared to defend your vision
  • Following up on accepted proposals and validating your hypothesis with the real-life implementation you will be observing
How to apply
  • Apply to this Job Ad!
  • Write no more than 2 paragraphs explaining your experience in the BA role and why you can be successful in this role
  • Complete a test assignment and pass follow-up interview
  • Work on the most challenging and the biggest projects globally
  • Be part of a multinational team delivering to customers in more than 70 countries!
  • Enjoy our first online office, where everybody is connected no matter their location
  • Get support to organize your home office or enroll in a coworking space
  • Health insurance, Crowdbonus from your colleagues
  • Library, certifications, events, and so much more!
It is an exciting practice that is now emerging within Scandiweb since 2020, and you can take a leadership role there. You are welcome to try it!