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Full-time / part-time (you choose) contractor


ScrapingBee is a web scraping API that simplifies data extraction from the web. The company was founded in 2019 by Pierre de Wulf and Kevin Sahin. After a small funding round in 2020 with Tinyseed, ScrapingBee is profitable and growing strongly. The team consists of the two founders, as well as Etienne our lead developer, and Nizar, our support Engineer.

SEO, managed mainly by Kevin, has always been the main acquisition channel of ScrapingBee, and we're now looking to expand our strategy with an experienced marketer


As a full-stack marketer, your main mission will be to find and optimize new acquisition channels.

You can try whatever you want. We're looking for someone to discover our unknown unknowns!

  • Find new ways to attract people to use our main web scraping API
  • Find new ways and SEO to attract people to use our other, but less used, features (screenshot API, PDF generation API, etc ...)

Tools you will likely use daily:

  • Slack
  • Ahrefs
  • Whatever that makes your life easier


  • Speaks English or French fluently
  • Have some experience in a similar position
  • Knows SaaS
  • Have run some failed and successful marketing experiments in the past
  • Have a "scrappy" and "experimental" mindset. ScrapingBee is (mainly) bootstrapped and profitable and we intend to keep it that way. We know that marketing costs $, but we just can't afford to flush an unlimited amount of it down the drain without measuring the results.

Application Process:

  • Step 0: you apply by email at "[email protected]" with [marketing] as a subject:
    • Quickly introduce yourself and your experience
  • Step 1: we send you a quick memo with the state of affairs of ScrapingBee marketing and ask you: "What would you do during your first 50 days working at ScrapingBee as a full-stack marketer
    • Answer with any medium you want (video, written, slides ...)
  • Step 2: 1h / 1h30 call with Kevin (co-founder, managing marketing) as he will be your direct manager
    • Introduction (15 minutes)
    • Q&A (40+ minutes)
  • Step 3: Offer.

Salary and benefits:

  • Competitive salary + bonus
  • Work wherever you want
  • Flexible hours
  • Contractor-based offer

To be sure that you've read the application all the way to the bottom please use [marketing BEE] as a subject for your application email instead of [marketing] ;).